Car accident

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"Alexa, calm down," Cassi said as she patted my hair.

I cried the whole night and didn't let Ryan came to our room. Ryan was taking care of Hikari and I kept crying and didn't even bother to talk to Ryan. At morning, I let Cassi come to our room and I shut the door  and began to cry again.

"Alexa, Shhh . . . Tell me what's wrong?" Cassi said.

I cried more and started to tell Cassi everything. "I cannot believe that Ryan would deceive me like this. I mean . . . I really love Ryan. I cannot believe that Ryan would do this to me . . ." I sobbed more.

"Alexa, I don't think you should dought Ryan only because of that," Cassi said.

"What do you mean? You mean I shouldn't dought him after what Yumi told me?" I asked Cassi.

"Alexa, I have seen Ryan. Whenever, he talks to you, his eyes are always filled with love. Tell me about one single time that he hurt you. I don't even think he can even think of hurting you. I think there is more. I mean . . . Why did Yumi only told you about this? Why not others? And where was she all these years? Whatever she said might me true but she doesn't have any proof and moreover, I don't even think she is telling anything true. You need to trust Ryan because when there is no trust in relationship, there is no love in that relationship," Cassi said.

Cassi was right. How can I dought Ryan when Ryan never hurt me. Even when we got engaged and I didn't like him, he made me love him. It was Ryan who made me understand the value of love. Then why am i doughting somebody who risked his life a lot of time to save me? Maybe, Yumi is telling lies? But that kid? Who is that kid? Who is Scar? "But what about Scar, Cassi?"

"I don't know. How about we do a DNA test of Scar and Ryan. That would solve everything, right?" Cassi asked.

"Yeah, you are right. But if Ryan get to know about this, he will be hurt . . . I cannot hurt Ryan, Cassi," I said.

"Alexa, you are not hurting Ryan. You are doing something to save your relationship," Cassie said. "I will get a sample of Scar's hair and you need to get a sample of Ryan's hair, alright. We came meet at the parking lot at night and we can go to the hospital to do a DNA test, alright?" Cassi said.

"Okay, thank you, Cassi," I said.

"Alright, I will go out of the room, okay and inform Ryan about you? Ryan is really worried. He only fed Hikari and made her take a nap but I don't remeber him eating his lunch or dinner. He even message me a couple of times to know about you," Cassi said.

I nodded. Man, I really got Ryan worried.

Cassi smiled and then hugged me. "Don't worry. Everything will be alright."

I nodded as I whipped my tears and Cassi got out of the room. I heard a knock on the door.

"Alexa, can I come in?" I heard Ryan said.

"Ryan?" I said as Ryan came in the room.

Ryan seemed tired and hurt. Ryan sat beside me and hugged me, "you okay?"

"Yeah," I said as I hugged him.

"You have no idea how worried I was," Ryan said as he kissed my forhead.

I held his hands and said, "I am sorry. Actually, I was a bit upset about something," I said as Ryan whipped my tears.

"What happened?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing," I said. Ryan looked at me in confusion. "I will tell you later, Ryan."

"Alright," Ryan said as he kissed my fingers and laid me on the bed. "You want me to get you some food?"

"No, it's okay. I am tired," I said.

Ryan made me laid on the bed and pulled me on his arms and ran his fingers through my hair. "Take a nap. Cassi is looking after Hikari. You seemed to be very tired after you cried the whole night yesterday."

I hugged Ryan, trying to forget what Yumi said. I could feel Ryan's love as he kissed my forhead and then my cheeks and put blanket over us. I knew that I have to trust Ryan because I love him. I love Ryan so much.

The next time I woke up, I found myself in Ryan's embarance. It was night and I had to met Cassi to do the DNA test. I got out of the bed and kissed Ryan's forhead and slowly pulled out a hair, not to hurt him as much. I got fressed and got dressed and got out of the hotel room and went to the parking lot. I was standing in the parking lot, waiting for Cassi. Suddenly, I heard a car driving towards me. The light of the car was very bright and I tried to run to the side but the car drive to me and I felt a sudden pain as I felt the car hitting me. I felt on the ground and I noticed my blood on the parking lot and eventually got unconscious.

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