It's a new day

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Tara POV (3 weeks later)

It was my first day of preschool. I was so exited. I ran into Justin's room and jumped on the bed.

T: "WAKE UP!" I said jumping up and down on the bed. 

J: "5 more minutes."

T: "NO!" I kept jumping.

J: "Fine, fine I'm up, I'm up."

Justin then grabbed me and brought me to my room. 

J: "What do you want to wear for your first day princess?"

T: "I want to wear something blue!"

J: "Princess, how about a little pink dress Ariana picked out for you?"

T: "NO!"

J: "Come on Ariana spent her money for you to have that pink dress you should at least wear it on your first day, I'm sure it would make her happy."  (Ariana Grande) 

T: "Fine!"

J: "That's my girl!"

Justin got me changed and picked me out my shoes. As Justin was putting on my shoes Ariana walked in the door.

A: "Hey cutie!"

She said to me.

T: "Ariana!"

I ran into her arms.

A: "Are you ready for school?"

T: "Yes!"

A: "Good! Are you going to get a boyfriend?"

Justin's head shot up.

J: "NO!" 

Ariana and I giggled.

A: "Here let me do your hair." 

Ariana then sat me on her lap and braided my hair. 

A:"Okay your all done cutie!"

T: "Thank you Ari!" I then hugged her then ran down the stairs to Justin.

T: "Let's go!" I said dragging him. 

J: "Okay, okay!"

He then walked out the door and picked me up. He placed me in my car seat and drove me to my new school.


As soon as we got there Justin picked me up and brought me inside. I was so happy to finally make some friends. 

J: "You happy baby girl?"

T: "Yes!"

Justin then brought me to my classroom. As soon as we got there the teacher came to the door and welcomed up. 

"Hello there, I'm Mrs.Miller" She said smiling. 

I hid myself in Justin's neck.

J: "Come on baby don't get shy now."

I kept myself hidden.

Mrs. Miller: "Would you like to come in and play with the other children?"

I just hung on to Justin.

J: "Can I have a minute with her?"

Mrs. Miller: "Of course you may." She then walked away.

Justin then put me down in front of him and looked at me in the eyes.

J: "Baby everything is going to be alright. I'll be here to pick you up okay? I love you so much."

T: "I love you too."

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