Chapter 58: The Council Meeting Part III

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Evan was eating ice cream like a zombie. He had finally calmed down but only to stare into his bowl as if it was some kind of bottomless pit. Derek had poured Levi and I some wine with our ice cream, but the pull still dully throbbed.

I missed him.

It was getting harder. Every day it was harder. Seeing Liam and Evangeline didn't help, it just made me long for him more. My beast whined but I pushed her back, it was not time yet; we held out this long we could hold out a little longer.

Lander walked in with Claire and Remi shortly. Claire was more than excited and so was Lander. Although he was pissed that Liam didn't say something before. I nudged Evan, he looked a little sad. I understood; besides not having a mate I am sure the thought of loosing your younger sister made his heart throb.

"Still have me, Ev," I said from next to him.

He sighed and nodded. "That's right little sister."

Lander sat down and gave Evan a reassuring smile while Levi finished off his glass. Lander looked over at Levi knowingly while Claire sat next to me and started to play with my hair. My beast purred softly, she missed the female who was like a mother to us.

"What did you think of today brother?"

Levi nodded slightly and looked to Lander who seemed to already know the answer. "It doesn't feel right. You can feel it."

"What doesn't?"

"The pack, this pack," Lander answered. "Ethan's testing Thomas without even really knowing it–"

"Oh that boy knows, he just hasn't ponied up to follow through yet," Levi interjected.

"True," Lander mused. "But you can feel the tension between them. Miranda was about to piss herself the whole time, her beast isn't responding well to Charlotte's, and Ethan's was itching to lay into Thomas. You could see it in his eyes, it's making Thomas nervous."

"Him and his damn successor," I grumbled out.

Levi scoffed. "It's almost an insult to the rest of us that he thinks that pussy-ass boy is cut out for it."

"Did you see him, though?" Remi asked knowingly. "He almost shit himself when Ethan kept looking at him over dinner. His wolf was easily submitting, it was insanely entertaining."

I laughed gently and winked deviously at Remi who raised his glass to me. "Miranda is going to love hearing about Evangeline."

Evan chuckled darkly and nodded. "I want to be there for that."

"If they ever come out of that damn house," Lander grumbled tiredly.

Claire rolled her eyes then kissed my crown. "Your time will come soon little luna, just be patient," she whispered in my ear so only we could hear it. I felt this wave of compassion roll off of her and to me. I leaned against her shoulder while she continued to play with my hair, drawing a soft purr from my lips every now and then.

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