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"Truck" Ashton signed to Niall as he held up the card with a truck on it. Niall nodded and smiled as he handed the toy truck to Ashton. "Thank You" He signed slowly. It had been about two months and the cards were working wonderfully. Niall and Ashton were closer than ever and Louis and Harry couldn't be more relieved. Ashton had been taking sign language lessons and had improved greatly. Niall had also been taking speech lessons but he had still yet to try and speak. Harry was a bit more worried about this than Louis was but Louis just assured him that he would try when he was ready. It was something completely new for Niall and he wouldn't even be able to tell if he was doing it right or not so of course he was hesitant.

Louis went over to Niall and tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

"Do you have to go potty love?" That was something else that was new. Joe had suggested that they start potty training Niall. He said that it would help him feel like he was growing up and he'd feel more confident in all aspects of his life. Surprisingly Louis was the one that had a hard time with this. He felt like the nappies were his last piece of their infanthood that he had left and since Ashton was long done with them, Niall was his baby. He and Harry talked to about it for days and eventually Louis realized that yes, Niall was four. He wasn't a baby. Sure he always needed more attention and assistance but he needed to be allowed to grow up.

"Yes" he replied. Louis held out his hand for Niall who gladly took it and allowed him to take him to the toilet.

"Call me when you're all done love. Remember that Aunt Jade and Aunt Perrie are coming over with Sabrina later and so are Uncle Liam and Uncle Zayn." Niall nodded and motioned for Louis to leave so he could have some privacy.

"Liam, Zayn! How are you two? We haven't seen you in quite a bit." Harry asked as he let them in the house. Perrie, Jade, and Sabrina were already there and of course Sabrina was off playing with the boys.

"We're good mate how about you? We've just been a bit busy with everything that's going on you know?" Harry just nodded, he knew what they were referring to.

"We've been doing quite well actually. The boys get on a lot more now and that's like one of the best things for us. We were starting to get worried."

"I'm glad things are getting better."

"Me too and I hope everything continues on smoothly for you two. Louis is in the family room with everyone else if you want to go ahead and join them. I'm just going to go check on the kids." They nodded and headed off to find the others as Harry walked into the playroom. None of the kids noticed him walk in so he took the opportunity to just observe. There was no yelling, crying, or fighting. They were all sat around playing nicely and occasionally using the picture cards to communicate with one another. Harry smiled before leaving the room and going to join the other adults.

"Hey love everything alright?" Louis asked as Harry sat down next to him.

"Yup, everything is perfect." He said with a smile before engaging in conversation with the rest of the adults.

Later that night Louis and Harry were laying in bed. They had just put the boys to sleep and were currently trying to pick a film to watch. They eventually decided on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the old version with Gene Wilder. They were about twenty minutes into it when they heard the door open. They looked over and saw Niall walk in with his blanket in tow. He didn't even look at them as he just crawled onto their bed, settling down in between them.

"You alright love? You want to sleep here?" Niall nodded and laid down but then got right back up. He looked at both of them before opening his mouth and shutting it almost immediately. Harry and Louis both sat up and faced him as he opened his mouth again.

"Uh luh oo." Harry and Louis both teared up. Was this real? Did Niall actually speak? Their baby just spoke to them for the first time, they finally heard his voice.

"We love you too baby, so much."

The End.

I know this was a really sudden way to end it but I just don't have anymore ideas for this book. I might write a third one where they're older, like teenagers, but I'm not sure yet. I'm also thinking of just starting a completely different book. Of course it'll once again be Larry. :) Thank you for all your support and sticking with me through my difficult times recently.

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