Chapter 23: Not Your Fault

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Alex's pov

What do you mean they left?, I asked James through the mind link as we were running around trying to drive Silver Moon and the rogues away.

Rogues attacked their pack, Chris had to go help, everything's fine now. We're not doing bad ourselves, he said.

That was true, there were more of us by now, we wouldn't have a problem winning this. Cole and Chloe were helping out doing... what it is they can do, I'm not quite clear on that yet, I'll have to ask for more information.

We'd managed to get most of the wolves out of our territory, but they were still putting up a fight. I was fine, but one of the rogues managed to get his claws on me and it'd started to hurt. I was running to the woods and changed into my human form to see how bad it actually was, grabbing a pair of basketball shorts from nearby. Yeah, we keep clothes around the woods, we're werewolves.

I looked at the scratch on my chest. It wasn't that bad, it'd heal soon, but the pain was still there. I'll just walk it off.

I walked in further when I heard a fight close and caught a familiar scent. I ran towards it and everything that happened after that... well let's just say it went downhill.

Jeremy's pov

*Flashback ~ 2 and a half years ago*

Why were the rogues even here? They weren't a lot we could easily handle them, but still the attack was pointless. Most of them were gone and it was almost over, but then I noticed Alex fighting off one of them and three more going after him, two wolves, one in human form. He hadn't noticed them and he was busy fighting off the other one, so I started running towards them and got in the way last second.

However there were three of them and I was alone, so I lost ground easily. Alex noticed us, but before he could come help, I felt something stinging my neck and soon I passed out.


I woke up and looked around me. I was in the pack hospital, not dead so that's good, but I felt awful.

"You're awake! Are you ok?", I saw Alex besides me.

"Yeah, what ha--"

"I'm sorry", he said before I could ask what happened.


"You got in the way to save me! If I'd seen them you wouldn't have--"

"You're kidding me right? It wasn't your fault!", I said, "Even if you had seen them coming, what would you have done?"


"It's not your fault."


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