The Elevator.

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Normani Kordei Hamilton was the Naomi Campbell of this age.

She had it all.

The looks, the money, the success, but like all other models, she had the attitude too.

Normani was impatient at times and that was often misinterpreted by the media who thought that she was plain rude.

Today Normani was not only a model, but with the success of her upcoming fashion show, she was going to be known to the world as a designer too.

And she was excited.


Normani blinks quickly and looks up from her phone to look back at her short friend. "Yeah?"

"Were you even listening?" Allyson, her project manager, and best friends, asks with a smirk on her face.

Although she knew that Normani was excited, she also knew that Normani was nervous. But according to the woman herself, she never got nervous.

"No." The dark skinned woman admits as she locks her phone and tosses it onto the couch nearby. "What if it flops Ally? What then? Nobody will have faith in me anymore."

Normani was a confident woman, but she had only one flaw.


Normani was insecure, but never about her looks, always about her ideas. She had always wanted people to see her as much more than a model and much more than a pretty face.

In today's society, models were seen as mostly dumb women who had nothing better to do than strip their clothes and pose for a camera.

And that's what Normani wanted to change.

She was a feminist, and she never hid that. She was all for women empowerment, and that was why she started designing clothes.

"What will flop Mani?" Ally asks as she sits down on the arm of the couch. "The clothes are fine, the runway is fine, the people are coming. I really don't see anything bad here."

"Yeah, but what if people don't like my clothes Ally?" Normani asks as she sinks into the opposite couch. "What if people call me stupid and call the show a waste of money."

"Honey." Ally pouts as she moves to sit next to Normani. "Your clothes are amazing. Like, Marc Jacobs and go to sleep because Normani Kordei is in town now."
Normani smiles at her friend's words, but Ally can see that she's still not at ease.

"How about you stop worrying about the critics and start worrying about your fans?" Ally asks as she rubs her friend's arm as an act of showing that she cares. "There may be a couple of people who won't like what you do, but there are millions who love you regardless. Remember that."

Normani forces a smile onto her face, because even though she's not 100% there, she's still excited, and still wants to show off her creations to the world.

Camila, Normani's assistant, then walks into the room, unsure of what's happening.

"Do you need me to leave?" She asks, turning her body towards the door, ready to leave.

"No." Ally smiles and gets up. "I was just leaving."

She looks at Normani, who gives her a pleading look, and she's not sure whether it's because she doesn't want to be left alone, or because she doesn't want to be left with Camila.

It's not that Normani dislikes Camila, it's just that Camila is so clumsy, that she always ends up spilling something on Normani's clothes, or always ends up ruining whatever the woman is wearing.

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