Chapter Three

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We finally made it where Lord Cornwallis's hiding place. "William, are you leaving me there?" I asked and slipped from under his arms. Hopping down off of the stallion, I began to walk along side of it as my husband only stared ahead with a bemused expression. "Only for a short time. However, the lordship may be surprised to see a Creek woman though." William as his smirk faded into a scowl. "I do not see why you have to be so cold and cruel. The Butcher is not the man I married and he is not the one I fell in love with. William, I fell in love with you, not what you have become." I said as I stopped and turned around, staring at my last chance of running free. A wooden fence that was built to secure this place like a fort.

After few moments of standing outside and just staring at the field behind the fence, an officer noticed my prence and brought me inside. There, I saw William, O'Hara, and Cornwallis nor was I happy to see the latter of the three. "Sir, this woman was brought here and no one seems to know who has left her here." The officer said and left. "Who are and what is your business?" O'Hara asked as Cornwallis stepped towards me. I stepped back and ducked away from him as I made my way to William. "I am just a Creek woman held captive by your Colonel. In other words, I am Mrs. Tavington." I said and sighed.

These men were so dense when it came to woman. "So, Creek are you? What are doing so far away from your home? Certainly you must have some reason." Cornwallis prodded as he looked at William in shock. "Also, you said you were Tavington's wife, are you or are you not?" He asked and only received silence. "So be it then. Keep her here and she can attend the ball, then she leaves. I do not need her to be of any inconvenience to my men, do you hear me Tavington!" He shouted and gestured for us to leave the room.

William led me to a spare room and shut the door, but when the door was closed, he locked it. "You cause too much trouble and now it time for you repay for the trouble you have caused me." William said as he sat on the neatly made bed. "William, I do not know if anything you do to me will do you any justice." I said as sat beside him and took his hand in my. "However, whatever is done to me by your hands, I will always love. Even love is a weakness, can you not show me that weakness when we are alone?" I brought my free hand up to his face and looked up into those blue eyes that seem to stare down into my soul. "Isabella, I can, but when we are alone, know that walls have ears and those ears are none other than O'Hara." He stated and pulled me closer to him. He then leaned down and pressed his warm, slightly cracked, but soft lips to mine. I accepted his kiss and returned the gesture. His warmth is what I missed and I missed this gentle side to him, but I missed him the most and that is why it hurts so much to see him leave.

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