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Linda was leaning against the doorframe staring at her husband who was sitting on the couch.

They were living at their farmhouse in Scotland and they had everything they ever desired.

Three beautiful daughters, all kind of animals like two horses, sheep, dogs, chickens and peace and quiet.

Paul had never known about this kind of lifestyle when he was in the middle of the hectic live with the Beatles.

Always a tight schedule and screaming fans. Always in the spotlight or locked up in hotel rooms or dressing rooms.

Linda remembered the day that Paul had another argument with John at the studio and he had been so tired and upset.

That afternoon she had taken him with her to go for a ride with the car and just going nowhere and getting lost on purpose.

They had taken Heather, her first daughter and Martha, Paul's sheepdog with them.

Paul was so nervous in the beginning and wanting to know where they were going and what the time was because of not being used to being free like that.

Finally after a while he had started to relax and they had a marvelous time and lovely picnic in some grassy field out in the country.

Linda let out a sigh and even now her husband just sat there on the couch not responding to her presence.

She observed him from where she was standing and her heart ached for him.

His hair was uncombed and falling partly over his eyes. His eyes were reddish and he was staring into nowhere.

Paul's clothes were dirty and he had been wearing them for many days by now and she hadn't even mentioned his lack of bathing.

He hadn't shaved for a while so a shabby beard had grown on his normally clean shaved chubby cheeks...

Chubby cheeks he used to have, cause his face had become thin from not eating and starving himself.

In his hand he had another almost empty bottle of whiskey...the only thing he wanted to consume.

She finally saw some movement from her husband, but this was only to take another big gulp of whiskey before resting the bottle down on his knee again.

Paul had been like this since the Beatles broke up and John had the final fight with him. Besides that, George and Ringo were angry at him too for suing them in court.

But it had to be done...otherwise they would have lost so many rights and would be left broken without a single penny.

It had broken Paul...he was one big mess. Linda hoped that she would be able to help him out of this and she was determined to get her old Paul back.

Suddenly the sound of little feet running were heard and their two years old daughter Mary ran past her over to Paul stopping in front of daddy.

"Daddy daddy!!" Mary said enthusiastically "Look what I found!" she cheered holding out her little cupped hands to him.

She held her hands closed while she looked at Paul with big questioning eyes when she saw no reaction coming from her father.

"Daddy...?" Mary carefully asked and climbed upon his lap a bit clumsily because she was trying to hold her little treasure between her little cupped hands.

Even now her elbows and knees pressed onto Paul's legs in a painful way and her knee landing in his crotch a bit too rough because she lost her balance for a moment, Paul sat unmovable like a statue and kept gazing into nothing.

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