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Gideon | Carys

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Gideon | Carys

Hey. I think I need some advice. I fucked up big time.

What did you do?

I asked a girl out on a date.

How did you mess up then?

I think I like her.

Is that what you call messing up? You have a really deranged way of viewing what is good and bad.

Yeah. I know that you're good for me and she's bad.

You've got mad flirting game.

If I do, then I'll be Jenna's boyfriend by tomorrow.

You asked out Jenna Michaels?

If you're thinking about the slightly scary girl who eats fire in science class then yeah, I asked her out.

Okay so what you've got to do is take her to a circus...


And leave her there.

You're the worst cupid ever.

Ahaha I'm just joking. Honestly, she scares me so I don't know much about what she likes but I've heard from... connections that she's into tennis and boxing.

I can work with that...

For starters, you can let her use your face as a punching bag :) and then take her to the tennis match on Friday.

I'm just going to ignore the first part... But there's a tennis match on Friday? Where? How do you know about this?

Yeah. It's at the Arthur Ashe Stadium and as for how I know this. Well, Jenna isn't the only one who likes tennis.

Which means you might be at the match too?

It's a possibility.

I'm going to look for you in the crowds.

Have you even gone to a tennis match? Those things are WILD but if you're planning on going, I suggest you get tickets now.


They sell out.


Yeah, genius.

WAIT. I need to pay for her?

That's what the normal guys do out of the kindness of their hearts but I'm guessing you have none anyway.

Shut up.

That's your favourite phrase.

... Shut up.

• • • •

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