Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

(Sexy Matt Bomer as Marcus Roche---->)

 I was shown to my table by a bubbly hostess and I gracefully sat down after greeting a few of my executive officers from the accounting department that I had invited to our weekly breakfast meeting, and I made myself comfortable as I spread the linen napkin across my lap. The waitress was immediately at my elbow puffing out her boobs almost directly in my face as she asked me for my breakfast order. Without giving her second glance, I ordered a plain egg white omelet, some fruit and black coffee. After having to skip breakfast at home to come into the office early this morning for an international teleconference call, I didn’t have the opportunity to get my usual caffeinated beverage and I was sincerely craving one now.

 I sighed deeply as my coffee was placed in front of me and the over friendly waitress was still hovering at my side after serving the beverage. It totally annoyed me, but my stoic expression was not showing it, I dismissed her with a wave of my hand.

 Chad began the meeting my handing around the prepared financial reports of the last quarter; I had already reviewed what these reports contained, but went I along with his spiel anyway. I always liked to be well informed, it kept me on top of my game and I always kept full control of my empire that way. I have worked too hard for it not to succeed. As he rattled on and on about information and numbers and figures I already knew about, I enjoyed the burst of caffeine in my system. My mind wondered back to earlier this morning as I was getting off my private elevator.

 The elevator had just come to stop on the first floor and the doors had barely opened before a tiny whirlwind of arms and legs had slammed right into my chest. I had to fling out my arms to grab the person to prevent them from falling. I had taken a hold of those fragile arms and held the slender young man upright. I had watched as the boy’s shocked gaze traveled up my body to meet my eyes. He had flipped his shock of black hair out of his face and I gazed into the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen, they were the color of the sky on a bright sunny day.

  I was shocked speechless as I took in his delicate features, the plump pink kissable lips, and that flawless creamy complexion that a pinked up so prettily with a fiery blush. I had no words to explain why the man had such a profound impact on me, and then he had opened his mouth and promptly started to apologize. His voice was so sweet as it washed over my senses, and when he had said the word "Sir," my cock had jumped to attention in my pants.

  I had just stood there, completely unable to even mutter a word of reaction or anything, which was so very uncharacteristic for me. The young man then proceeded to hop onto another elevator and promptly disappeared into my building. He had obviously knew who I was, which that wasn't surprising if he worked there like his I.D. badge indicated, but I had no idea who this young man was, and I felt compelled to find out. I would start with Thomas from the security front desk. I was brought out of my internal musings by Chad’s words of conclusion of the meeting. I waved the waitress over and settled the bill, then thanked my staff and proceeded to get to my car and Daryl, my driver proceeded to get me back to my office.

 By the time I got back to the office I proceeded to reply to a few calls that I missed during breakfast. And after I hung up the phone after the last call and glanced at the clock. It was only 11:45 a.m. by now Bethany made an appearance with my agenda for the remainder of the afternoon. I listened patiently to her as she efficiently rattled off where I was supposed to be and with whom I was to be meeting with at those allotted times.  My mind was totally occupied with finding out the identity of the little black haired beauty that crashed in my arms earlier this morning."Cancel everything for remainder of the afternoon, reschedule what you can and load the changes onto my calendar. Call Thomas and tell him that I need to speak with him, then you can go to lunch.’ I told her. She gaped at me for a minute then she nodded her understanding and stepped out heading back to her office. The glass doors silently closed behind her retreating form.

 I walked around my desk and took at seat in front of my computer and patiently waited until Thomas was reached. I was going through a file when my phone buzzed and Bethany told me that he was on line two. I quickly picked up the head set and asked him without permeable to identify the young man the cameras should of picked up this morning when he had mistakenly tumbled into private elevator and into my arms. He said he needed to review the tape and get back to me. And I was replacing the receiver I happened to look up and the object of my conversation was standing just outside my office doors currently hugging my PA. He stepped back from her and smiled, his sweetness making my cock wake up and take notice.

 They proceeded to have a conversation and I took my time to study the young man. He had slender build, but he wasn’t skinny. He wasn't tall but compared to my 6'4 height I rarely found that surprising. His hair was short in the back and layered and little long in the front; it was styled to the side almost covering one of those gorgeous eyes. Damn, I could feel my pants getting tighter. It had been too long since my last sub, almost six months to be exact. I wonder... I was beginning to zone out, when I spied Bethany reaching for her purse, preparing to leave with that beautiful boy. I almost tripped over my feet in my haste to get to the door. Why wait for Thomas when I can get an introduction now. Maybe invite myself to lunch since I cleared my schedule. It's not like I have never taken Bethany to lunch before.

 I schooled my features and mentally shook my head to clear it; I was all over the place. This was so not me, but I was following my gut and it seemed that my gut and well as my cock wanted this young man. "Bethany, I was thinking to do lunch, oh hello. Beth, please introduce me to your friend; I believe we had a brief encounter this morning on the elevator. Hopefully I am not interrupting anything." I said as I watched his cheeks heat up, blushing an alluring shade of pink. Definitely, I was getting under his skin, which meant he batted for my team, my gaydar was usually spot on, I almost smirked but I managed to keep my features bland.

 Bethany smiled politely and turned to the young man. "Corey Smyth this is Marcus Roche. Mr. Roche this is Corey, today is his first day. He is a family friend that got the internship position on Mr. White's design team." She stated and continued on to say, "I invited him to lunch to see how he was settling in, and since you are free please join us.  I was going to explain to him about the vision of the company but who better than you to explain it as the owner and CEO." She smiled at me; clearly she didn't see the panic that momentarily flashed across Corey's sweet features before he managed to hide it with a polite smile. This should be so interesting.

 Damn, I was going to have to give her a raise. She is just a peach; being my PA for so long, she already knew about my sexual preference, especially after having to do some of my non-disclosure contracts my sexual partners had to sign. So obviously working for me for a while she picked up that Corey has caught my interest. Although being the cold bastard that I am, she never worked up the nerve to outright ask about anything in my personal life and that was fine with me. I smiled and watched his cheeks flush once more, so sexy. "Okay wonderful, how does Italian sound?" I asked and they both nodded their heads in agreement. So I gestured with my hand for her to lead the way.

 I brought up the rear of our little group and watched his cute shapely little ass and the gentle sway of his hips as he walked in front of me towards my elevator. Beth pushed the button and we all got into the car. I made sure to invade his space a little and watched him fidget. I so could calm that nervous movement with my leather flogger. His creamy skin would warm and glow the prettiest shade of red for me. "Fuck me!" I shifted to ease my now throbbing hard on.

  I made mistake to look down at him just to catch sight of his small pink tongue gliding across his lush bottom lip and felt my dick jerk in response. I was so relieved when the car dinged and the doors opened into the lobby. I ushered them out into the foyer and outside to my car waiting on the curb. Daryl politely tipped his hat as he opened the door for us. Bethany got in first then Corey, and finally myself. I schooled my features and willed my body to calm down. By the time Daryl got into the driver’s seat I was once again fully in control of my body, until the car moved away from the curb and his leg accidentally brushed against my thigh and the electrical tingles from the brief contact shot straight to my hardening cock again. "Damn!"

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