Chapter1- The Lying Game

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And, yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met
But I'm not done yet
Falling for your fool's gold
And I knew that you turned it on for everyone you met
But I don't regret
Falling for your fool's gold

-Fools Gold by OneDirection


"You're insane .." The smaller man said at the man infront of him, contrasting his words with an eyes full of love .
"I know! Isn't amazing ?!" The taller man answered suppresing the growing smile in his face. He scoop the smaller man and lock him in his arms.
"Fuck you.." The smaller man mumbled, words being ruffled due from his burried face in the taller man's chest.
"Later love.. Later .." He answered then planted small kiss in the smaller man's forehead.


I leaned closer to the sofa while watching Louis standing beside the closed window, his hands in his pockets. He has fixed emotion, his eyes staring blankly at the wall.

"Im sorry." Louis murmured under his breath. It hits me. My eyes started to burn from itch and my throat feels so tight. I must be insane. Delusional. I believed in him like a mental believing on some mad fantasy that no rational person could understand.

"What have I done Louis?" I did not even trust my words. Did I said that loud enough that bugs can hear? Or just a whisper to the air? It feels like I've been beaten to death or been struck by a lightning. It stings like hell, I don't know what hell is but surely it feels like it. All the butterflies in my stomach that he gave me just died.

"You broke me into pieces boo. But you know what? My heart still longs for you. No amount of anything can compare on how much I love you. You could stabbed me multiple times and you can still hear me begging for your forgiveness for staining your hands with my blood. I can forgive you Louis, I can always forgive you but you choose to leave me. You choose to break me again, you choose to ignore my undying love for you." Im choking at my own saliva. The tears Im trying to control betrayed me. I feel hurt all over. Everything hurt too much and I can't breath properly.

I kneeled down and clutched my chest.

Inhale, Inhale, Inhale..

"This fucking hurts Louis!!" I screamed and banged my head to the carpeted floor. I feel like Im drowning. God what will I do? I can't stand. My body aches. He's not even looking at me. I gripped to the sofa to push myself to stand. I want to run and hug him, hug him so tight that he'll remember everything we've shared, hug him so tight that he'll forget what he said earlier.

"Im sorry Harry but we're done." His voice echoed through out the room, he now hold the doorknob.

This is really happening.
The love of my life wants nothing from me.
He lied to me.
He used me.
He ..

"Oh.. But can you atleast lie to me again for the last time please?" The words just came into my mouth. My tears just continue to flow, and I look at him bravely.

He opened the door but before he step outside..
I know for the last time.

Green meets Blue

"I LOVE YOU HARRY EDWARD STYLES." He said without blinking I might even believe him again by his tone but then he's not yet finished hurting me. "And oh, the sex is great. Maybe we can do it again some other time yes?" He added before he walked out through the door like he walked out of my life.

I stared at the door.

Waiting for him to comeback and say he's only joking.

waiting ..

five minutes..

waiting ..

fortyfive minutes ..
waiting ..

two hours ..
waiting ..

Tears dried at my cheeks.

Im hollow inside.

two hours fifteen minutes ..
waiting ..

"I love you Louis" I murmured ..

two hours fifty eight minutes ..
waiting ..

The door creaked open .
My mum came home .

"I love you Louis" I mumbled as she hugged me tight ..

"Oh Hazza"..

That night I just stared at the door, I did not moved from where he left me. My mum begged me to eat, she even cooked my favorite meal, she begged me to go to my room, but I did not move, then she decided that I need a time for myself, she then pats my curls and head to her room.

"I Love you Louis"


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