Chapter 57: The Council Meeting Part II

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The song of the chapter is "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.


We kept walking quietly with only the sound of the dirt crunching under our feet to disrupt the silence between us. Soon I felt Ethan's hand leave my back as he held it out in front of me and nodded to my binder. I handed it to him gratefully, I was tired of carrying that damn thing anyways. "Thanks," I breathed out.

He sighed as pulled his jacket through one arm, then shifted the binders so he could pull his other arm through the other sleeve He looked like he felt mildly uncomfortable, but I thought he looked like candy that needed to be unwrapped and my beast agreed. We had to push those thoughts back thought, those thoughts that were only fueled but the electric hum coming off of him.

He moved his hand back to the small of my back and kept us going forward. "Did you mean everything you said back there, at the tree house?"

"Every damn word," I replied instantly and truthfully, because it was.

He sighed and pulled me a bit closer to him. We didn't say anything else as we walked to the rest of the way to the pack house, but my beast and I did enjoy his closeness. Being away from him made the pull stressful on me, and at least having him close to me seemed to sate its hunger just enough.

We walked into the pack house and you could feel the energy in the air, the energy of strong wolves gathered around. Thomas was talking to an older wolf when he caught Ethan's eye and waved. Ethan nodded a little tensely then steered us near where Lander and Claire were standing.

Lander looked at us then flickered his eyes to Ethan while Claire gave me a knowing smirk. "Ready for the fun?" Lander teased. Ethan groaned a bit while Lander pulled at his tie, he looked down at Claire who was biting back a laugh and let out a hot huff. "Do I really have to wear this damn thing?"

"Fine have it your way," she said as she threw up her arms.

Lander chuckled a little and pulled it off then unbuttoned a few of the top buttons on his crisp gray shirt that he had tucked into black slacks. I shook my head and raised a brow at him. "We can't take you anywhere Lander."

"Hey! Ethan's not wearing one," he teasingly argued.

Ethan nodded a little. "We're going to be miserable enough as it is, might as well not make it worse."

His voice made me slightly shiver which only made Claire look at me a bit more deviously. I tried to hide my flush but there was no fooling this female. She was too sharp to miss a damn thing.

"You guys ready?" Thomas asked from behind us.

Ethan stiffened slightly and so did Lander. He turned us and pushed me slightly behind him while Lander stood up off the couch he was leaning on. Ethan was humming louder, with a bit more fire, and it made on of the gammas walking by with a drink tray tremble a little.

"Always a good time," Ethan replied.

Thomas eyed him for a while. "Yup, I think we're about ready to go."

"Babe, I think everyone is here," Miranda said as she walked up next to him.

Claire's eyes flickered to Miranda. She was not impressed with the female. Her brows raised a little as her lip twitched to show her teeth, but she didn't need to. She let her beast come forward and smiled when Miranda nervously flicked her hair out her face.

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