67: Single Braid

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There is a road that runs along the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They call it Single Braid Road and many students claim to have encountered a the ghostly figure of a girl with long braided hair, walking alone at night.

It is said that, one cold night, a girl with long braided hair took great pains to sneak into Hong Kong from the mainland. She was an illegal immigrant and she came with her boyfriend. The couple took a train into the city. Unexpectedly, the girl saw police boarding the train and checking passports and identification. Worried that they would catch her, she decided to jump off the moving train. As she jumped, her braid got caught in the window frame. The hair was ripped off her scalp and the skin was ripped off her face as well.

The girl stumbled onto Single Braid Road where she collapsed and died. The next day, the police found the girl's dead body lying in a pool of blood. They cleaned up the mess and that seemed to be the end of it. Her boyfriend saw what happened, but he decided to continue on the train. When he reached his destination, he found a job and never looked for his girlfriend or tried to find out what happened to her.

However, one night, a male student was walking along Single Braid Road when he saw a girl standing there. She had her back to him and all he could see was the long braid down her back. When he called out to her, she didn't answer. When the student came nearer, he tapped the girl on the shoulder. She turned around and the boy saw, to his horror, that she had no face... no eyes, no ears, no nose and no mouth... Then, she just disappeared into thin air. They say the girl's ghost has appeared many times since then, but only male students can see her.

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