He kills you

Zayn: You just got a phone call, from an unknown caller. You answer the phone, and a muffled voice speaks into it,"If you don't meet me at the alley between Verna Drive and Simpson Street, then you're whole family will be killed tomorrow. If you call the police, then I will kill them now. I have them captive. Meet me here in an hour."

        The phone call ends, without you being able to say anything. You gasp, and your phone falls out of you hand. You have no idea what to do, so you quickly try calling your Mom's phone. No answer. Your Dad, nothing. You pace around, nervously, wondering if you should go. After about 45 minutes, you decide you don't have a choice. You wait another fifteen minutes, and leave. It's starting to get dark, as you go outside. You feel a cold breeze as you walk down, a chill runs down your spine. You reach the alley, and walk in. It's pitch black in there, and suddenly, you see a pair of piercing brown eyes, glaring at you. The person walks out from the darkness. They are wearing a black hood, covering their dark brown hair, that gelled upwards. He smirks, and walks towards you. When you can completely see his face, you gasp.

        "... You're... Zayn Malik.." 

        "I know that," He replies.

        "Why are you here?" You ask. He looks at you confused,"Didn't you get the call? I told you I have your family. I'm going to kill them."

        "Okay, um, before that... can I hug you?" You ask. He shrugs,"Sure, why not, you've been through a lot. You deserve it."

        "Omg, thanks!" You exclaim, and throw your arms around him. He wraps one arm around you, and you can see a devious look in his eyes. Suddenly, you feel a horrible piercing pain in your back.

        "Good night.." He whispers, as you feel the stab wound, starts to pour blood. You gasp for air, and say one last comment,"I-I... always.... w-wanted to.... die... in your arms..... Zayn..."

Harry: Dear Diary,

        I don't have much time. He's going to kill me. I know it. It's only a matter of time. I do everything he says, but it's never good enough. If I let one word slip from my mouth, I know he will kill me. He's insane. I don't know why, but he is going to kill me. I know it. So, this may be my last journal entry. Good bye world.

        You hide your diary in your dresser, and pull yourself out of bed. You throw on your only outfit, and slowly walk out of your room. 
        "GET THE HELL DOWN HERE, YOU SLUT!" He screams. You nervously bite your lip, and walk downstairs. He is in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. He has a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He's your old boyfriend, Harry Styles. You walk over to him.

        "I want you to clean the house, again," Harry commands, the smell of alcohol in his voice. You nod, and he shoves a bucket of soapy in your arms. You weren't prepared for that, so you fall over, causing the water to spill all over you. He violently kicks your side, and laughs. You can feel tears pricking at your eyes.

        "Gonna cry?" He growls. You can feel the tears starting to slip from your eyes, as he laughs at you. He takes  the bottle of whiskey, and dumps the remaining contents on your head. The liquid makes you smell horrible.

        "Now, clean it up," He commands. 

        "... No..." You whisper. He glares at you,"What the hell did you say?" 

        "No," You say more defiantly. He smirks, and quickly grabs your hair, and yanks you up, causing you to cry out in pain. He pulls you closer, and his grasp grippens, so you can't move. You struggle to get away, but he's too strong.

        "You know I've always loved you," He whispers into your ear, his voice slurred from  the alcohol. 

        "P-Please, H-Harry!" You beg. He smirks,"Too late, sweatheart."

        He pulls out a gun, and presses it against your head, and pulls back the trigger.

        "Harry!" You exclaim.

        "I hate you..." He whispers, and releases the trigger.

Niall:   "Please, (your name), I love you so much, please go out with me!" Niall begged, right after you said no.

        "Niall, I just don't feel the same about you," You reply,"I don't love you."

        He looks surprised.

        "Um, well, okay, then, can you think about it?" He asks.

        "I guess," You sigh. He smirks,"Then you can think about it down here!"

        He grabs your arm, and drags you over to the basement stairs. Niall shoves you down a flight of stairs, and locks the basement door.

        "NO FOOD FOR YOU!" He yells, once you hit the bottom, blacking out.

        You awaken on the floor of the cold basement. You sit up, and feel your head pouding in pain. You groan, and clutch your head.

        "Ow..." You mutter under your breath, and sit up. You slowly pull yourself up, and walk up the stairs. You walk up to the door, and try to open the door. It's locked. 

        "Niall open up the door!" You yell, as you pound on the door.

        "Will you date me?" He asks.

        "Not anymore!" You yell,"You shoved me down a flight of stairs!"

        "Well, then no food for you!" He calls from outside the door. You hear Niall munching on chips.

                                                                                        3 weeks later

You have become really skinny and on the verge of death. Niall hasn't fed you or given you water. You hear the door open, and the pounding of feet on the stairs. Niall walks over to your limp, weak body.

        "Will you date me?" He asks.

        "... Yes..." You mutter. He laughs,"Well, you should've said that the first time, because I reject you! Go die in hell!"

        You feel yourself going unconscious, and slowly pass away.

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