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"Dan No! Cat's not worth it!" You yelled after him as he stormed off to the hotel.

"Y/N you saw what she said about you right? I will not allow anyone to say that about my girlfriend!" Dan yelled as you grabbed his wrist so he would stop. This flattered you a bit but you still didn't want him to have to confront Cat all because of you, you felt all this was your fault.

"Dan-I, that's really sweet but you don't need to do this for me. It's all my fault and I don't need more people blaming me." You avoided his gaze.

"Love it's not your fault at all. If anything it's my fault, if I had just left Pj alone and if I had just ignored it all we would have been fine. I was being selfish because I was angry, I'm sorry." Great, now Dan was blaming himself which only made you feel worse.

"If it'll make you feel better, go talk to Cat." You told him as you let go of his wrist.

"It will, trust me, I'm going to end this." Dan told you. When you arrived at the hotel you and Dan spotted Cat in the lobby, it looked like she was about to go somewhere. When she saw you two approaching her she stepped back with wide eyes.

"Uh, he-hello Dan." She said while looking fearfully up at him and ignoring you.

"Hey Cat, so uh, you know that little tweet you sent out, well we have some problems with it." Dan said in an angry yet sarcastic tone.

"Oh, th-that little old thing." She said with her eyes darting around the room.

"Yeah, that "little" old thing had sorta cause A FUCKING YOUTUBE UPRISE!" Dan said, suddenly getting very angry.

"Well I'm sorry but I don't particularly like you hanging out with that...slut." She said while gesturing to you.

"Okay listen Cat, she is not a slut. you hate her because I'm in love with her not you, you're doing this for your own selfish reasons." dan told her, he seemed more offended of Cat calling you a slut than you were.

"Well sorry that you'd prefer to go galavanting with that whore over me, it's a bit offensive." Cat says while crossing her arms, she wasn't scared anymore.

"Okay lady, I'm not just going to stand here and let you call me a slut and a whore. Dan doesn't love you, get it through that thick skull of yours! Jeez why can't Dan and I just be a happy couple? Why must people constantly harass us?" You yelled at her finally finding your voice, you were done standing there and letting Dan stand up for you.

"BECAUSE MAYBE YOU TWO AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER! EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?" Cat screamed at you, this took you and Dan by surprise.

"Cat I'm so done with you." You said with tears swelling up in your eyes/ You couldn't take anymore of Cat's bullshit 

"Don't ever talk to me again Cat." You heard Dan say before he ran up to you. You were not in the mood to talk so you walked into your hotel room and just collapse on your bed in a fit of tears.

"Y/N! Y/N!" Dan called to you and quickly sat on the bed while he rubbed your back with his warm (slightly sweaty) hand.

"Dan, m-maybe she was r-right." You sobbed into the pillow.

"No love, she wasn't, Cat just want's to break us up and I promise I'll never leave you alone." Dan told you.

"O-okay." You sobbed.

"Here, take a little nap and when you wake up everything will be fine, okay?" Dan suggested.

"Okay." You said sheepishly and curled up into the duvet, Dan walked out of the room and you heard him talking to Phil.

"What was that all about?" Phil asked in a concerned tone.

"Cat sent out some bitchy tweet about Y/N being a slut and it really hurt her feelings." Dan said in a sad tone.

"That B word!" Phil whisper screamed.

"I know Phil, what can we do? Now any chance of our fans getting along has been destroyed and worst of all it hurt Y/N. I didn't really care when Pj made the rumors up about me but the one about her, that crosses a line." Dan said, this made your heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

"I know Dan, I really like Y/N, she's good for you, really good for you. I don't need to deal with depressed Daniel again and Y/N fights that away. She's funny, she's smart, pretty, and socially awkward, Y/N is perfect for you, you can't let that one go mate." Phil said, you knew Dan had struggled with depression just like you had but you had no idea that you were the one keeping it away just as he was doing for you.

"I know, I'll be damned if Cat or Pj tears us apart." Dan said.

"Well remember, I've got your back in this mate." Phil told him.


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