Satan's Pet ~Part 6~

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The next day at school was pretty much the same as ever. Glares from all the girls in class as Lucifer and Nathanael sat down next to me. The only difference that day was Stacy. She was bitchier than ever, I could hear her talking to her clones about yesterday when she caught me with red eyes.

All day Lucifer was an arse as ever. He kept flirting with my and once even nibbled my ear while we were in Maths.

Nathanael seemed to be in a strange mood as well today. Every time I looked out the corner of my eye, I saw him watching me with suspicious eyes. Was he waiting for something to happen? He staring was making me nervous, it reminded me of the look Cameron gave me yesterday. A look of disgust. What had I done to upset him?

When I got home, I made myself a sandwich and went to my room. I never ate with my family, it's always an awkward silence at the table, so I usually have a sandwich when I get in and maybe some cereal or another sandwich when they've gone to bed.

When I walked into my room Lucifer was yet again laying on my bed, hands behind his head. Nathanael was nowhere in sight.

"I didn't know it was your birthday, tomorrow," Lucifer said.

"What?" I asked confused.

He pointed behind me to my calendar, I turned around and saw in big red letters the words 'MY 18TH!!!!!!!' on tomorrows space.

"Oh," I was shocked. I can't believe I forgot my birthday was tomorrow, it was the day I've been waiting for years.

I walked over to my computer to check my email, I should have one from a landlord of a small apartment I want to rent. As I read the confirmation to my new apartment I started bunching up and down with excitement.

I felt someone looking over my shoulder and when I turned around my face came inches away from Lucifer's. I was hypnotized by his eyes, so dark and deep, it was falling into a pit.

I don't know who it was that moved closer, but suddenly our lips were touching. His lips were soft and tasted amazing. I wanted more. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip, I parted them immediately and his tongue slipped into my mouth. Our tongues twisted together as the kiss deepened, he moaned when I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. We were on fire as our tongues roamed every corner of each other's mouth. His arms wrapped themselves around my waist and he lifted me off the chair, I wrapped my legs around him.

I didn't realize he had carried me to the bed until he laid me down on my back and hovered over me without break the kiss. I was gasping for air, but didn't want to break the amazing kiss we were sharing. He tasted so good, it was addictive.

He broke the kiss and a pouted but then moaned when I felt his lips moving down my neck. His hands traveled up from my waist to the bottom of my t-shirt, he pushed it up and over my head leaving me in my bra. His lips found their way back to my neck and I moaned again.

I had no control over my hands as they made their way under his shirt and up his chest. I could feel his abs, he was so smooth, so soft. I pulled his shirt over his head to see his beautiful muscled chest.

He had to stop kissing my neck for his top to come off and after it did he just hovered over me, watching me with his sexy smirk on his face.

I wrapped my legs around him again and rolled us, so that I was on top. I started to kiss his neck and then started to move down his chest, his hands groped my arse and squeezed. As I came to his left nipple and nibbled on it, making him moan again. I didn't realize my hands were on his belt buckle undoing it.

Just as my lips reached the top of his trousers, I heard the front door bang shut. I stopped, snapping out of my sexual trance and jumped up off of Lucifer, I quickly back into the wall my hand over my mouth and my eyes staring at him wide eyed.

"Oh my God," I whispered.






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