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That face you make when your trying to talk but someone interrupts XD

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That face you make when your trying to talk but someone interrupts XD

Angelina was awake as her nurse walked in giving her new daily lunch. She just woke up a day ago. No one still knows what encouraged her body to just wake up. She just was awake on morning as she was watching TV on the wall in front of her hospital bed. Her grandparents came as soon as they heard the news. They hugged her tired body as she was sitting upright with a weak smile. They said she was well enough to come home in a week until then, she will be watched over at the hospital if anything else occurs. They understood and left Angelina 2 hours later. Unfortunately at this point Angelina was kicked out of school due to her missing so much school and they thought she wouldn't wake up. She has the choice of going back to school if she wishes to though. She even though knew it was right and a good idea to go back to school, this side of her didn't want to. What if she just got a job and continued that for the rest of her life? Did she really need school. She Did have an IP problem she never told anyone other than her grandparents knowing. How far in life could she even go? And most importantly. Should she tell Leo about it. Or you first. She was worrying herself sick to her stomach worry about this. And just in time you came through the door with a bouquet of multicolored roses. Like a rainbow on each rose bloom. "Hey lazy butt." you greeted "how you feelin'?" "I'm alright i guess. I'm really tired though." "Geez you'd think with all that sleep you'd just be full of energy." you kidded with her as you sat down in a cheaply made chair next to her and placed the flowers on the table. "woah..Those are really pretty. where'd you get em'?" "doesn't matter, You own em' now. (you winked)" "How have you been?" she asks you. "oh um alright i guess. I have a daughter now." "Dear god! How long have i been alseep for??" she used a high decimal of voice. "about 3 months now. And Its my fault.." you moped as you looked down. "Its my fault because If i wasn't there to 'save' you, you wouldn't have been shot to begin with. and-" She put her hand on yours. "i'm glad i have a friend like you." you looked up at her "Someone who'd come and stupidly save me. Thats a true friend." you smiled sideways at her. "i missed you angelina. I really did." she smiled brightly :D "Wanna get shakes when i get out this bed?" "absolutely!" You stayed and talked with her for 3 hours. After a bit, Raph called you. Said it was your turn to look after Rose. "By Jelly." you goodbyed to angelina as you left the room. It was 6:30 at night.

You arrived at the turtles home yawning with a stretch. "Aye no sleeping on the job 'aight?" raph teased. "Blah blah blah." you sassed. "come 'ere" he lifted you up with his arms and blew a raspberry on your neck. you laughed as he continued "ayayee Xd hahahaaha ra-raph sto-ahahaha-o-ahaahaah-op! seriously Raph ahahhahahaah XD !!" he set you down and kissed your forehead before he left for the sewers with his brothers for nightly patrol. You panted as you walked over to the couch to see your daughter drawing. She was really good actually. "hey hon, whatcha doin." "oh hi mommy, I'm just drawing." "drawing what?" She showed you she's sketched the whole half of the Home that she's facing. Every detail was there. Every crack. Every mess. "woah.." you took the pad from your daughter. "rosie this is amazing. DId you just randomly do this?" "kinda. Uncle Leo helped me with proportions. He said, every real drawing needs proportion. So i'm just redoing what he taught me." "I don't remember Leo being able to draw" you explained to Her as you handed the pad back to her. "hey mommy?" "yea?" "How did you meet daddy?" "Oh well, i met him through april actually. She had forgotten her security card for the news. So i walked home one day and on my way i stopped at her house to find Uncle leo, don, mikey and raph there in her back yard. And it kinda led from there." "Oh please tell me!" she pleaded. "heh well..

4 years ago when you were 14 n' pudgy and he was 15~~


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