were inside the turtles home for the first time. You looked around as you oohed and awwed at it. "woowy, wow, woah! I wanna live here! Its so cool! I really need to up my game on my decorating skills." Mikey put his hand on your shoulder "welcome to our laaiirrr.." he introduced to you dramatically. "really? our lair?" leo asked crossing his arms as he rose a brow. "what. We're outcasts. in sewers by day, fighting crime by night." he explained as he put his hand out as he moved it across the air. you smiled at him and Don chuckles. Raphael walked from behind you and passed you to go over to the kitchen. He opened the fridge to take out a cake. you watched him and then looked at mikey "I've never seen a cake kept in a fridge before.." "Oh, well it keeps it fresher longer and its nice to have a nice cooled piece of cake." mikey explained. "huh." you walked over to Raph "hey :)" you smiled. he looked up at you "sup" as looked back down at the cake as he cut a piece with a big knife. you watched him as you stood there leaning on the island counter. his eyes looked at you with his head still facing the cake then his eyes wondered back down to the cake. He exhaled "Do you want a piece?" he asked trying to be nice. "sure. what kind is it?" "hummingbird." "hummingbird? i've never heard of it." "Its mikey's specialty." "whats it contain?" "Pineapple, walnuts, and banana." "ooooh wow that sounds amazing." raphael slightly smiled as he then turned around to get another plate out. He placed the plate on the counter and placed the cake slice he's already cut out and handed you the plate with a fork. you took the plate kindly with a smile along with the fork. "ahh i see someone new is trying my cake." mikey smooth talked. "this cake is allot heavier than it seems." you commented. "yea its not a light fluffy cake. Kinda like bread with icing." mikey continued the conversation. You cut the bread with the fork and took a bite. You chewed it to only taste pineapple, wasn't too good..then it settled in your mouth to taste banana and sweet cake and it was "Amazing!" you complimented. he smiled wide as he was really happy someone outside his family loves his cake. "wow, how did you learn to do this?" "bake?" "make this cake! its incerdible, its so moist and I think i taste some kind of cheesecake." he laughed "its just the ricotta your tasting." "cheese? really?!" "yea i didn't have any cream cheese so i used ricotta instead." "nice. Yea i enjoy baking too but i've never made hummingbird cake or even heard of it." you shoved another piece in your mouth. Raphael put the cake away and started eating his slice as he leaned against the fridge with his one leg in front of the other. "so whats your guys's story. How did you come about? how did you find this place? how did you you learn ninja stuff? where did you weapons come from?" leo came over to where you were as Donnie followed behind. "whats goin on?" Donnie asked "Oh we were just about to tell our life story." mikey explained. Raph twirled his fork in the air with a 'woo hoo' sarcastic attitude as he whistled. "shush raphie."raph took a bite of cake as he gave Mikey a raised eyebrow look. (they told their life story, how they got their ninja skills and weapons)

Back to present~~

"Wow, tell me more mommy." Rosie asked sweetly. "you gonna go to bed?" "yeaaasss." "alriiiigghhttt." "how about when me and him on our first date?" "Oh yes! please!" "alright but you gotta go to bed after this one." "okai."

a year and a half ago~~

you took a shower, got into a pink sweater-shirt that said "Unicorns are my favorite" it hung off you left shoulder a bit. And you put on a pair of two toned skinnyjeans. And not those weird ones, that are half black and white or anything, they were white at the pelvis, lavender by your knees and then faded to a dark purple by your calves and ankles. You put your hair in a side braid (If you have short hair, you just brushed it." "Where did you wanna meet up at???" you texted. "come outside." You walked out your door waited there for about five minutes till you realize he must've meant the roof. You face palm yourself with an embarrassing smile, even though no one was around. You went back upstairs and went out to the roof next-door. You looked around and then looked behind yourself to see Raph leaning against the wall. "Ready?" "For what?" You asked. He picked you up bridal style "Hang on." "o-ok" you were so nervous, you were kinda afraid of heights. You wrapped your arms around his neck tightly and he went off to where he was taking you to. "Hey." You looked up at him waiting for him to finish. "Close your eyes and don't peak." You closed your eyes nice and tight, and you kept feeling like you were gonna fall out of his arms and your grip got tighter on his neck. He smiled a bit at this. He put you down on a hard surface; you guessed a different roof top. "Ok open your eyes." You looked around and it was a dock. Nothing special. The same crescent moon hanging over the shimmering cold water. You could hear the water splashing against the wooden posts of the dock. You gave him a quizzical look in confusion. He signaled you to follow him with his hand gesturing to come. He took you to the beach part. "Isn't there like..um (you scratch your neck) a surprise?" he chuckled "we'll get there." You groaned, you know I don't like waiting XD" you guys started walking for about 5 min. They were almost there but he wanted to ask you something really important but he didn't wanna scare you or anything. 'what if she says no or says "eww your gross!" I mean I couldn't blame her; I'm not really attractive, I'm hot headed, I lose my cool. Eerr maybe this wasn't a good idea. But if I don't, I'll never know.' "hey Y/N?" he asked nervously but not making it to too obvious. You looked up at him knowing he got your attention. You smiled with your pearly whites showing. "I uh want- he can we stop for a moment?" "um sure. What's wrong Raph? Your kind of tense." You point out. "I ( he scratches his collar bone) I-I wanted to ask you if there was anyone you were interested in since your last guy?" "well, there is this one guy." Raphs eyes got kind of dull. "really?" "yeah, he's tall, strong- really strong, and no one seems to really understand him." He felt kind stupid for even asking and looked away. "Raph?" He looked at you slowly but not to slow. "you know who I'm talking about right?" He got stiff cause he no idea what you're talking about. He shook his head. You chuckled and shook your head in disapproval of his cluelessness. "what?" he asked pretty stern about it. You raised your eyebrow at him. You gestured him to come down to your level. He kneeled down and you (as fast as you could) kissed him on his lips. His eyes widened. He pulled you; so close that your breasts hit his plastron. He put his huge glove on your jaw line while you enwrapped your arms around his neck. You two pulled away. "Ok, I wanna show you something, around this bend is something for us." "I-is this a date??" "I guess it is now." You blush a bit at his smile. You turn to see and your eyes widen in surprise. It was a dinner set up on a interestingly flat topped rock. It was a bit too tall for you but Raph had already taken care of that. He put a rock on its side so you sit at its height. He helped you up on it. You checked your watch; it was 7:45 pm. He made you all your favorite foods. You had no idea what to eat first.


"alright time for bed." "but" "not buts, you promised." "fiiinnee." she stood up from the couch and went to you and raph's room. Raphael walked in from his nightly patrol. "Your home early." "eh, well I haven't spent much time with you lately and leo let me off easy. this time." "well i think Rosie should get her own room soon." "ehhh i don't think we have any more rooms in this place." "hmm..well, we'll figure it out." you told him. He walked over to you closer and hugged you. you smiled as you hugged him back. "so question, How did you wanna get married." he asked you. "not sure. what about you." "I had a few ideas in mind." "oh~" you two separated from the hug "Like what?" "mm (He lifts you up so your legs were on his waist and your arms on his shoulder) lets worry about that later." you giggled as he leaned in to kiss your soft lips. He pulled away from the kiss "mm cherry flavored." "heh yea, i put chapstick on like 30 minutes ago.." He really looked at your face as he put his hand on the side of your face "your so beautiful.." you blushed at his candy coated words "sttaappp your making me blush." "but its truuuue.." he complained. "mmeehhhh." He kissed your nose "your so small." "and your so big." "why thank you." he turned your words perverted "not what i meant." your voice lowered but not angry. "mm i think it is." "nah bruh." he picked you up from his waist and swung you around up onto his Shoulders behind his head. "wahahaa XD" you laughed. He rested each wrist on your body. Much like how Donnie would with his bo staff. He walked around the lair just carrying you like that. "havin fun?" you asked sarcastically. "arent you." "mayyybbee." "eh i think you are." He carried you to the couch and sat you down. he sat down next to you as he turned on the TV. some kind of show called "myth busters" was on. You looked at raph and realized ' i wonder who the real parents of the turtles are...probably shouldn't fixate on it. Probably isn't good if they did meet them. Splinter might feel like he doesn't belong anymore even though their parents are just tiny turtles still.' "hey you ok? (you look at raph) you look like your about to cry." "nah i'm alright. Just thinking."

to be continued..

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