Chapter Two

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Gabriel was taken away and Thomas was shot down by William. The anger and agony in Benjamin's eyes made the tears I held back fall. William, he has ruthless and cruel to take a child's live away, but the smirk on his face stayed present as the house was torched and the wounded American men were shot. As for me, I was placed in front of my husband as his horse trotted away from the deviation he left behind. I watched as Gabriel went one way and my husband steer us another way. However, when I looked back up to see William, his eyes, they were cold and they held anger. Gone was the man I loved and in his place was a murderess monster, but his blue eyes still captivated and scared me.

After a long while of riding, we finally arrived to the outpost that served as a means of war planning or medical assistance. Many tents could be seen as well as many soldiers, but their stares and smirks they sent in my direction as William, forcefully and none gently, pulled me from his stallion indicated that they have not seen a woman for many moons and that made me fear what happen if William left me alone.

"You will tell me why you were found on that plantation when I am done collecting information on the fugitive that has escaped." William said rather harshly as he gripped my forearm tightly and pulled me to a tent where a wounded man laid on a table. He was fairly young and he was beaten and bloodied, by the looks of it, his chest must have been sliced with a tomahawk.

As William collected the information he needed, his expression said it all. Gabriel was freed and the twenty officers escorting him were killed and that man in the tent we just left, he was was most likely the only surviving officer that encountered "The Ghost".

"Isabella, tell me, why were with that family? Why did you disobey me and leave Charlestown?" He asked as fierce blue eyes glared down into my brown orbs and his grip tightened. "You may be my husband and I your wife, I only answer to one man and that man is God." I spat and gasped as he roughly pulled me into him. He was angry and yet he was amused. "Still so defiant, well, I'll have to fix, will I not?" He loosened his grip as he leaned down and rested his forehead against mine. His eyes were half lidded as he sigh. The warmth of his breath tickled my cheeks and my nose, but the warmth of his body contradicted the coldness that lies deep within his heart.

"William, you and I both know that I cannot be swayed of my ways." I said as I pulled away and leaned up to graze his lips with mine. "Yes, I know, but you need to be well behaved when we go back to my commanding officers." William smirked and picked me up, placing me on his stallion, and mounted behind me. Now, we were going to see the man I hated the most, Lord Cornwallis.

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