Chapter 14

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Liza's POV :
Me and David go up to his room and lay down in his bed.
I cuddle up to him as he wraps his arm around me. I thought this was the time to ask about his dad.
Liza- "David?"
David- "Yeah...?"
Liza- "Can I ask you something?" I say cuddling up to him
David- "Sure?"
Liza- "Why do you never talk about your Dad?" There was a long silence the David finally spoke.
David- "Um...he..."

Liza- "He?"
David- "Why do you want to know anyways?"
Liza- "I was just wondering. You never talk about him"
David- "It doesn't matter about him. I'm gonna go see Toby"
Liza- "Babe-"
Before I could say anything else he slammed the door shut.

David's POV :
David- "Hey Toby can I come in?"
Toby- "Yeah. Come play with me"
David- "What you playing with?"
Toby- "My race cars!"
David- "That's cool"
Toby- "Why are you sad?" He said looking down at his little race cars
David- "What?"
Toby- "Your sad"
David- "Oh. Just me and Liza had a little argument. We'll be fine later"
Toby- "Was it about Daddy"
David- "Yeah"
Toby- "Where is Daddy?" He said still looking at his race cars.
David- "I don't know bud. Hey why don't you and me go to the shop and get some sweets?"
Toby- "Yeah!"
David- "Okay get your shoes on"
I walk back into my room where Liza is.
David- "Hey..."
Liza- "Hey, I'm sorry I-" I cut her off before she could say anything else.
David- "Don't worry it's fine...I'm fine, it's just I don't really like talking about my dad. I'll tell you about him later I'm taking Toby to get some sweets want anything?"
Liza- "Fizzy cola bottles?"

 I'll tell you about him later I'm taking Toby to get some sweets want anything?"Liza- "Fizzy cola bottles?"

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*there amazing! 😂*
David- "Your favourite" we both laugh.
Liza- "I love you"
David- "Love you too babe, bye"
We hug each other and I kiss her soft lips, I didn't want to let go then Toby came in.
Toby- "David I have my shoes I'm ready"
David- "You need to put your shoes on to go to the shop" me and Liza laugh
Toby- "But I can't do my lyases"
Liza- "Come here I'll do it"
It was so cute seeing Liza with Toby, I just can't wait for our kid to come along and see how Liza will be with he/she.
Toby- "Ready! Thanks Liza!" He gave Liza a hug, got up and help my hand and we walked out.
As we are walking down the road I pick up Toby so I'm carrying him on my side because he walks so slow and he seemed tired.
Toby- "Why does Mummy get upset when I ask where daddy is?
David- "Because Mum and Dad don't really like each other that much"
Toby- "Why?"
David- "Because Dads not very nice. Why do you want to know anyways?"
Toby- "Because I miss you and Daddy"
David- "I miss you too bud. Look we're here now"
Toby- "Yay!" Toby ran inside and got what he wanted I went and got what Liza wanted and got some stuff for the others.

Liza's POV :
I go downstairs to see if David's mum needs help with anything.
Liza- "Hey Mrs. Dorbrik do you need any help with anything?"
Mum- "Oh you can just call me Sam Hun (I saw that somewhere else so I'm just using it 😂).
Liza- "Thanks, so do you need any help with anything?"
Sam- "Could you just stir that please?"
Liza- "Sure. Hey can I ask you something?"
Sam- "Sure Hun, what is it?"
Liza- "Well it's something I asked David earlier. If you don't want to answer it's fine but why does David never speak about his dad?"
Sam- "Oh. Um, I'd prefer not to answer that sorry Hun"
Liza- "It's fine, anyways how are you and the girls?"
Sam- "Oh we're doing fine how are you and the baby?"
Liza- "We're fine, we find out the baby's gender in a few months, I really want a girl but as long as he/she is healthy then I'm fine"
We carry on talking then David and Toby get back.
Liza- "Hey babe" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek
David- "Hey I got you the cola bottles"
Liza- "Thank you!"
Sam- "Thanks for the help sweetie, you can go if you want"
David- "Oh was you cooking?"
Sam- "Yep, Liza done a really good Job"
David- "Well done"
We go upstairs to David's room, cuddle up and check social media.
Sam- "Dinners ready!!"
Liza- "I'll go get Toby"
David- "Okay babe"
I knock on Toby's doors and go in.
Liza- "Hey Toby dinners ready"
Toby- "Okay. Can you play football with me and David after dinner"
Liza- "Sure okay" I laugh a little and we walk downstairs.
We eat dinner and talk, once we finish I watch David and Toby play outside. There so cute together, I can't wait to see how David is with are little girl or boy.
After about 20 minutes they come in and David takes Toby up to bed.

David's POV :
I take Toby up to bed since he was tired and it's kinda late. I say good night and turn off the light, I go downstairs and say I'm going to bed Liza decides to join me.
Liza- "Your mum if so sweet and nice to me"
David- "She really likes you"
Liza- "Um, remember earlier?" Liza cuddles up to me and I wrap my arm around her waste while we lay in bed.
David- "Yeah."
Liza- "So why do you never talk about your dad?"
David- "Well. I never really knew my dad, I would see he maybe 3 times a year sometimes I'd never see him, then he stopped coming to see me and my mum. He just left us. And I never saw him again... Then mum met someone else he's Sara, Ester and Toby's dad. Well he would get angry and drunk and he was abusive he never done anything to Toby it was just me and my mum sometimes the girls but he would just shout at them a lot. Toby was really young when there dad got taken away so he doesn't remember him. That's why I never talk about him I don't know my dad and my step dad was a dick. But I have you now and a baby on the way" I rested my head on top of Liza's and there was just silence for a few minutes when I felt a tear fall onto my arm.
Liza- "I'm so so sorry baby. I never would of asked- I just. I'm so sorry" she said sobbing into my chest.
David- "It's okay baby. I'm over it. I have you now, and that's all I need"
Liza- "I love so much and I never want to lose you"
David- "I love you too baby"
We fall asleep cuddling.

<Next Day>

Today where going out to the water park because it's really hot.
It's gonna be Me, Liza, Toby, Ester, Sara and our Mum.
We have breakfast then get ready.
Me and Liza are getting in a different car and the others are going in the same car.
Liza- "Hey babe sorry about last night"
David- "Don't be. You didn't know, and I've learnt to just get over it and move on"
I say and smile at Liza
We get to the water park and sit at a little table and wait for the others.
I can tell today's gonna be such a good day.

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