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Zane's pov

I looked around, making sure I wasn't being followed. It would be bad if I was found out coming to this store. I took a deep breath and took a step, I was now out of my hiding place. There it was, in my field of vision, the most best store the mall could ever offer, My Little Collector. Yes, it's a toy store with My Little Horsies Merch. Don't judge!

I quickly sprint across the mall and smiled as I was just about to sprint tough the doors when I ran into an all too familiar face. And what I mean by 'ran into,' we completely smacked foreheads.

"Ouuuch Zane. That hurt...." Aphmau wined and rubbed her now red forehead.

"Sorry Aphmau." I apologized.

Then, Aphmau grinned. Oh no. "So Zane. Why were you sprinting so fast to My Little Collector? Hm?"

"I wasn't going there....I was uhh....going to Hot Topic." I made up an excuse.

"Riiight. Zane, Hot Topic is that way. And I saw you running to this store." Aphmau pointed in both directions of the two separate stores.

I groaned, admitting defeat. "Okay fine! I was going to My Little Collector! Is that so wrong?" I questioned.

Aphmau just giggled. "No! You should have told me! Then we can go together!"


(Y/N)'s pov

Today is my first day of my new job. I'm so excited! I walked through the front doors early in the morning and could smell the sweet scent of....strawberry? My Little Collector also has a small candy section.

I walked to the front desk and talked to the manager.

"Hello (Y/N), for today, because it's your first day, I want you to get familiar with the store and where all items are. I also want you to help people find what they need." She explained.

I nodded my head and started to wander when I could hear talking outside the front doors. I decided to check it out. When I looked through the glass, I could see two people who looked like brother and sister.

One was a boy and the other was a girl. She was shorter than the male. The guy caught my eyes. He had an emo look to him but also this innocence. Like, a guy who would risk his life to save a puppy. Well I mean, who wouldn't?

I caught myself staring at the guy when the doors opened, hitting me square in the face. I fell back and grimaced.

"Oh my Irene! Are you okay!?" The black haired girl rushed over to me and kneeled down to look at my face.

So much for a first impression.

"Ouch..." I mumbled as I slowly sat up. I then felt something warm run down from my nose.

I reached up and wiped my nose and looked at my hand...blood. I got a bloody nose on my first day. Great. Good job (Y/N)! You're doin' great!

"Hey Aph. Is she really okay? She's making weird faces and her nose is bleeding really badly." The black haired guy spoke up.

I jumped out of my daydream. "I'm sorry, I'm okay." I tried to laugh it off but started to feel dizzy.

"Sheesh. Here." The guy kneeled down and put a pink cloth that had Pinky Cake on it to my nose, wiping away the blood.

"Oh, thank you." I thanked him and took the cloth keeping it to my nose to stop the bleeding.

This was so embarrassing.

"I'm so sorry, we didn't know anyone was in front of the door." The black haired girl spoke up. She held out her hand for me to take it.

I did so and she helped me to my feet. Who knew this was how I would spend my first day at work? I'm excited for the more days to come.

(How did you all like it??? Was it good? I had fun writing this so I hope you guys enjoy. The update days will be Monday and Friday. Okay enough, thanks for reading Bye Bye My Precious Ender Pearls!!)

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