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So hey I was busy sorry
Things are getting really weird in life like the fact I got 40+ followers
Its a really good amount tbh
Love y'all
So some of you wanted crappy art and to continue my books so
Should I??(vote on this chapter if you want  me to post art)
Just came home from school
I don't really have much homework
So ima just chill for once
School was great I was actually really laughing and having fun
And surprisingly ppl actually trust and like me
How I know that its because I joined peer meditation
And in order to be in that is that at least 3 or more ppl chose you to be one
And well that makes me happy
I want to draw a bit but I have been laughing a whole bunch and smiling my jaw and head hurts
And well not at one time today I was lonely
That's good I guess,I slept at 4 yesterday cause I couldn't sleep
But I went to bed at 11:29
I wanna nap,I've never taken a nap so here I go
I also want to do some watercolor things so I can relax
I feel like drawing something with wings
Idk, well if you read this whole bunch of text
Thank you
Remember if I should post art vote

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