First Day Of School

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Blair's P.O.V
"What I would do to take away..."
I quickly get up an turn off my alarm clock."Hopefully he didnt hear that" i mumble "maybe hes still passed out from last night?"

I quickly get dressed for the first day and put on make up to cover the bruises.
(Her outfit is below and her transportation is in her hands)

 I grab an apple from the bowl of fruit on the counter in my room

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I grab an apple from the bowl of fruit on the counter in my room.
I swiftly tiptoe down the stairs  avoiding the creaky steps so i don't wake my stepdad John.

I grab my skateboard by the door and run to the garage and go out that way.
My dad had put sensers on the door so he knows when i leave and can wake up but i didnt want to make his hangover worse that's just asking for trouble.

I start going down my driveway and press the button to close it already pushing off on my skateboard  without checking the alleyway and a car comes flying by and i jump off the skateboard.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I hear a voice say.
Im still on the ground and i roll over groaning.
"Ugghh dude what the fudge noodle?!" I rub my face and look up to see the most gorgeous pair of chocolate eyes.

The guy glares at me "watch where you're fucking going you twat."he says.

I look at him in disbelief.
Was this guy kidding?! He almost hit me!!

"Y-You're joking right?" I say damn my stuttering be strong!
"Does it look like im joking." He says in disgust like seeing my face is makeing his day worse.

"My board oh my god" I quickly get up an run to my skateboard.
"NOOOOO!! Oh my god you've got to be kidding me!" I say in complete panic running my hands through my hair.

"Hey calm down the board was tattered anyways I can get you a new one." He says laughing.

I turn and glare at him
"That board was from my ma you bastard."I spat at him and fold my arms.
I hear the garage start to open back up.

"No no no no no he's coming." I say
He looks at me like I've lost my mind
"Who's coming?" He says looking around

"Cmon we've gotta go I can't be seen with you here!" I say dragging him twoards his car pushing and him in the passenger seat. I hop in the drivers seat and go to the school.

"What the hell is going on!" He says gripping the seat.
"None of your business." I say driving way over the speed limit the school was only two miles we would be fine.
"Slow down before you ruin my car i swear if the crash doesn't kill you i will you bitch!" He says

I see a red light and come to a complete stop slamming on the breaks.
I smile at him sheepishly "sorry." I say
The light turns green and im driving again this time at the right speed limit.

We soon reach the school and i lock the door so he can't get out.
"Okay look" I say turning to him
"What happened today you need to completely forget, I'll find the money to replace my board that you completely destroyed and we can go on with life...okay?"

He looked at me like I'd grown two heads.
Does he not understand english anymore?
"You want forget...everything?"
He says in disbelief.

I look at him confused as to why he would want to remember anything that's occurred.
"Yeah,why would you want to remember almost killing someone?" I say

He looks at me like i just said i was his real mom.
"Do you even know who i am?"

I look him up and down study his face and shake my head.
"Am I supposed to?"

He looks around and I've come to the conclusion he wasn't going to answer so i turn to open the door and get out. He grabs my hand and says "people have seen us together so just ask others." He winks lets go and walks away from me his face becoming emotionless as he approaches his clique.

This is gonna be one heck of a school year.

Blair's P.O.V

Ok now time to go to the gym and get my schedule.BUT FIRST A PEE BREAK!

I rush to the bathroom I have no idea why this happens oh god hopefully im not late to class.

Im on the toilet I've just finished my business. I hear girls entering the bathroom and end up hiding with my feet on the toilet and peering over the stall door so i could see better. Grrr why am I such a weirdo.

"Did u see that gross tramp in Reid's car?" The girl which im guessing is the queen bee of the school she talks about this Reid guy like he's hers...maybe he is?
The way there talking about this girl makes her sound like a total slut man if i was in her place I'd probably die i laugh quietly so they won't hear me.

I try to move on the seat but my shoe sqeaukes. In this moment I knew I had really fucked up.
I watch all the girls turn twoards my stall.
Oh god please make them go!

Then the world replied not today mofo and I completely fell inside to stall. I groaned in pain and opened the stall to have more moving space to get up.
My head hits the floor with a thud and my feet are on the toilet seat.

"Hi?" I say to the three girls they all start laughing at me and the queen be snaps a picture.

Dang it! Why me?!
"Wait" The queen bee says "OH GOD You're her! The girl in Reids car!" She begins to laugh like a lunatic and her two minions laugh with her.

I stare at her in confusion
"What are you talking about?" I ask her
She stops laughing and looks me in the eyes.
"You were just with a guy in a car were you not?" An raises her eyebrow
"Well yes but thats just-" she cuts me off by saying.
"That guy is mine his names Reid and he's taken by me and if i see u with him again there will be a problem"

Oh heeexxxx naaah
I abruptly stand, "I can do what i want when i want and you can't do a damn thing about it,got that?" I say to her stepping closer to her. Wow this sudden confidence is amazing!!

She glares at me "Calm yourself missy don't start what you can't finish."
"Try me." I snap back I am tired of this not to mention she called me a gross tramp!

"Remember little girl I have this picture and i am not afraid to use it" she says waving the phone in my face.

I grab her phone and throw it in the toilet and smirk at her.
"Oh what were you saying before?" I ask
Rhetorically i pass her and bump her shoulder.

She screams in frustration and yells as im walking out. "IM SO SUEING YOUR LITTLE ASS!!"

Then the bell rings and i groan running my hand through my hair in frustration.
Now to get my schedule an face my class.
Authors note-
OKAY GUYS! Please comment what you think i know my vocab isn't that great and this might be really bad but i wanted something different then boy meets girl and they just fall in love!
:3 if u have any pointers or anything please tell me!
Shout out to my sister for helpings me with this chapter!

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