A Walk Begins Part 5

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13th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox POV...

I have been making slow progress for some time when I felt the bag attached to my back begin to move. I think the kid was beginning to wake up.

It wasn't until I heard her painful groans that I decided to stop and check on her for a moment or two. It's been a few hours and I was heading in the direction that our base camp was in and if I kept up the pace I was currently doing, I should be there some time tomorrow after lunch.

If there wasn't any problems.

But for now, I have to stop and ease the kid off my back and lower her gingerly onto the ground at the base of a tree. Then squatting down in front of her, I gently pushed back the hood of the sleeping bag I wrapped her in to see her face and that she was blinking up at me.

"What happened? I feel like I went a round or two with Ali." She was saying as she was trying to orientate herself, but not with much luck.

Grabbing the drinking canister I had attached to my belt, I lifted it off and into my hands to unscrew the lid and hold it to her lips for a moment so she can tak a few swallows before screwing the lid back onto it very tightly.

I wouldn't want to lose any of this water. That's where I added more sedatives into just in case she woke up.

And seeing that her head was beginning to droop to the side again as the sedative took over, I once again wrapped her up and got her back up and onto my back again, tying her on so I can once again begin our long walk out and off these damn mountains.

I decided to stop for a while at this rocky outcrop that looked to be very secluded being some trees and brush that covered it from prying eyes. So seeing a spot that looked flat enough once I made it in here, I once again lowered the burden I had been carrying now for some hours down and rolled her very carefully onto her side so that the arm that was strapped wouldn't hurt the bite or the break that her shoulder sustained.

Then I shrugged off everything else I had been carrying.

I have to say that the kid didn't weigh that much, but if you carry anything for an extended period of time, anything will begin to feel like cement bag, including a small glass of water.

So I found it somewhat pleasureable to stand there and strtch my back and my arms above my head getting out the knots and kinks that needed to be smoothed out before I started our walk into the bush again.

But seeing that it was getting later in the day, I think hankering down here for the night might be the wisest course to make. I wouldn't want to inadvertently get myself tangled up with any critters in the dark.

I'm handicapped enough as it is without having to handle the dead weight of another person as well. Especially one who was supposedly already dead to the rest of the world.

So scrounging around this outcrop, I find that it actually goes much deeper back into the mountain than I realised. So leaving the little Miss for a moment or two, I grabbed the torch and did a little bit of survellance to find that it would be much better to move the camp I was intending to set up, much further back to give us that little extra cover and protection.

After I moved everything, including the girl back into the cavern, I grabbed my anti dog spritzer and sprayed the front of the cavern so that if any dogs came near, it would deter them from coming in and sniffing us out.

I even went out a couple of hundred yards and did the same thing, wanting to be sure we would be protected.

Then I went back and set up camp for the night. This time, some of the stash the kid had saved was going to come in handy since I didn't want to light a fire this time that might attract unwanted attention.

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