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12:35 am

My 100th tear fell down to the pillow. Throughout the whole day , Matthew had been on the phone or texting Jaiden.

I faked a smile , but now I lost it. It hurts but Mahogany was out all day with Jack and I didn't get to tell her.

I didn't want to say it over text because the words she would say to help me , wouldn't really.

I never thought I liked Matthew this much. I mean , I thought he liked me too. But I think I was wrong. What does Jaiden have that I don't?

She is just more rich than I ever am or was. I bet he laughed once i left the restroom. I really need to get him off my mind.

1 week later...

*knock knock*

I shifted out from under the warm sheets I was laying peacefully in.

My feet came in contact with the cold ass floor. Fuck , slipped out of my mouth as I slipped on my slippers.

I jiggled the door handle open to see Cameron smiling. I instantly smiled back. Lately me and Cam have been hanging out and it's been really good.

He helped me get my mind off Matthew after I told him about that day in the bathroom and at night.

"Get up , we're going to the mall." Cameron smiled. His cute little smile.

I have to admit , this past week with him has my feelings growing for him. I mean look at how gorgeous he is. And his body is a plus.

Along with his personality . Jesus , how could he get any better.

As for Matthew , we haven't seen him in 2 days. He left North Carolina at night and hasn't come back. Everybody had tried calling him , except me , to see where he's at.

But back to this pretty human being i front of me , "Are you going to stare at me all day or go change?" Cam laughed.

"Shut up" I gleamed while slapping his arm.

I took a quick shower and picked out my clothes. I picked out my clothes. I was just going in a grey hoodie , Cameron's because he used my shower the other day and left it here , plus it smells like his cologne. A pair of adidas sweats and my dark brown jandals.

But for my underwear and bra , they are Victoria Secret

But for my underwear and bra , they are Victoria Secret. Black lace on both.

I sat down on my vanity after changing. I decided to straighten my hair after blow drying. Which is what I did 30 minutes later.

I did my makeup , which was sorta natural. I put mascara and did my eyebrows , it's different cause I usually wear a full beat face.

A few seconds after I finished my mascara Cameron barged in. "Are you done?!" He yelled.


Then we heard giggling from downstairs. "Aww , I'm sorry baby." He pouted walking towards me.

And the way he pouted his lips was extremely hot. My heart started pounding with the more steps he took .

I backed up to the wall behind me since I had stood up when I was screaming.

"Cam , what are you doing?" I stuttered. He didn't say a word , he just kept a sexy smirk on his lips.

My back was completely against the wall. And our chest were touching.

His arm reached my waist and his other caressed my cheek.

He leaned down so our lips had the smallest gap in between them.

"Came--" That's when sparks erupted and I felt tingles through my body.


I'm back

the picture in between the chapter is from my snapchat btw

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