EPSIODE 1: Scene 1 - "The Accident"

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ALEXIS ( 15, bright eyed and pretty, wearing a white laced dress ) is standing on stage in front of a large crowd. She looks extremely nervous, and keeps popping her knuckles. A lady on the piano is a few feet behind her, waiting for her cue. ALEXIS looks out into the crowd.

Her mother, VIVIAN ( 38, very beautiful, wearing business attire) is seen sitting on the right side of the audience. The chair next to her is empty. ALEXIS had been expecting her father, DOMINIC to show up. Also, her brother, AARON, who was supposed to be performing with her.

VIVIAN sees her staring at the empty seat and shrugs sympathetically. ALEXIS closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath. Then she turns to the lady at the piano and nods. The song begins, and ALEXIS starts to sing.

CUT TO: AARON ( 16, quite handsome, and for the moment, shirtless) and DOMINIC (42, also handsome, and wearing a suit) driving in a black Jeep Rubicon. The night is foggy. AARON is changing in the passenger seat, pulling on the shirt he was supposed to wear while performing. His father, DOMINIC, is driving.


She's probably already started.

AARON ( buttoning his shirt )

Yeah, but just in case, I'd rather show up prepared. Could've had a delay, or something.

DOMINIC ( sighing )

Well, you wouldn't have to worry about this if you had just listened to me and gotten home in time. You could've drove with them, you knew I
was at work.

AARON (irritated)

Yea, dad. I got it the first few times you said it.

AARON is struggling with tying his tie.

Need help?

AARON doesn't answer.

Do you need-

AARON ( finishes )
Got it.

DOMINIC (continues)
This night was really important to your sister. You knew that, why would you-

AARON (cuts him off)
DAD! I get it, okay?! I've already apologized to you, and I will apologize to her when we get there. I'll make it up to her somehow. Can you please just concentrate on us getting there?

DOMINIC (raises his voice)
One, don't you ever talk to me like that again. Actin' like I'm one of your friends,
I'm not. And two, what were you doing that was so important, huh?

AARON doesn't answer. He's finished getting ready, and just leans on the car door with his elbow.

Hangin with that kid again?

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