Chapter 33

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Aphmau POV

"So that's why you came looking for me?" Quentin asks me. I nod. I just explained to him about everything that has been happening. "I guess I will join the army once again but I can't exactly help because I can't transform back into my human form." He explains to me.

"It's fine. We can help you. I will create something for you when we get back but for now, the army needs us." The fairy suddenly stops. I look up the mudkip who is in my arms to see the start of a sudden blizzard. "Thank you fairy. You can wait here until we come back if you want." The fairy flicks it's wings once, motioning that she was going to stay here.

"Let's go then." Q says. I nod, turning my pikachu hoodie into Sans's hoodie. What? It looks warm.

"We should be about an hour away from where we are right now but I have a way to get there faster." I summon my hover board and jump on it.

"I'm not even going to ask." He says. I stick my tongue out at him before shooting myself towards the direction of the cave. I have snow goggles on with my hood so my face is protected. Soon, we reach the cave.

"This blizzard hasn't stopped for three days. We can never get out either. What are we going to do?" I hear Kala say. I fly into the cave, forgetting to slow down. I fly straight into the wall.

"Ouch!" I whisper shout. Luckily, Quentin was smart enough to jump out of my coat a second before I hit the wall.

"Who are you!" Sky says, cautiously. I take off my hood and put my goggles on my head, away from my eyes. It's covered in snow from how fast I was flying.

"Sky my head hurts!" I say to him, rubbing my face. I, somehow, didn't get that injured.

"Jess? What are you doing here? It's dangerous!" Sky shouts, walking towards me. Quentin shoots a water gun at him, the water instantly freezing as soon as it hits the ground. It also freezes on Sky who is now set on fire by Max. I burst out laughing.

"Thanks Q!" I say through my laugh. Everybody from the sky army suddenly looks up at us. Q jumped back into the gap in my coat he was in.

"Quentin?" Max asks. Q nods.

"You have been trapped here for a week with no idea where to go and yet, in the first few hours, I find both him and you guys. Step up your game guys." I stick my tongue out at them before taking out the enchanted stick that Hyria gave me to make the blizzard go away. I walk outside before holding it the air, ignoring the pleas of the others telling me to come inside. I slash the enchanted stick in the air, twice to the left, up twice, left one and right twice. As soon as I point the stick on the air, a snowball looking thing shoots in the air, suddenly, the blizzard stops and the snow disappears. Everybody looks at me like I grew two heads.

"What... How..." Ross stares at me with his mouth wide open.

"You can't get through this forest. It's enchanted. Only a certain few can get through this forest. Others will become trapped forever until they either starve to death or grow of old age." I explain to them.

"How do you know this?" Jin asks me, walking towards me.

"I know a few people. Now let's go and get out of this forest." I look in the trees to see the guide fairy flying towards us. "Can you lead us back to Hyria's house?" I ask. It turns around and starts to fly away. I follow it, making the others follow me.

"What is that? Who is Hyria?" Ross asks in his squirrel form on my shoulder.

"That is a guide fairy. She has always led me through this forest since I was a child." I say to him. He tries to jump on the fairy but it moves out of the way. I put Quentin in my left arm before picking Ross up. "Don't jump on the guide fairy. She could run and leave us here alone. If that happens, we will never be able to leave." I scold him. He just lowers his head and climbs on my shoulder, allowing me to hold the mudkip in both my arms. He is heavy.

"You still haven't answered who Hyria is." Sky says next, facing me.

"She is a witch who guards this forest. " Q explains to them. Sky just nods. Soon, we reach the house.

"Aunt Hyria! I'm back with my friends!" I shout, placing Q on the ground. He starts to walk next to me.

"Welcome back dear. I see you have found your friends." She walks to us.

"Yep! Here's your stick back!" I hold it out to her but she just shakes her head, instead giving me a book.

"Keep the stick. I think it will become useful in your journey. Learn these spells and use it to fight." She smiles at me. I smile at her before giving her a hug.

"Thank you! I wish I could stay but I have to take everybody home." I say to her sadly. She just gives me a knowing smile.

"I know dear. It was so good to see you and I hope you visit again." She walks back into the house, coming back out a minute later with my bag and another bag.

"What's with the other bag?" I ask.

"It's filled with potions, enchanted books other things you will find useful on your journey." She says before we both say goodbye and leave. The guide fairy starts to lead us out of the forest.

"Why couldn't we teleport out of this forest as soon as we entered?" Jin asks, jogging up to walk next to me.

"The enchantment placed on the forest also blocks the Phoenix charms abilities, including teleportation and storage." Just as I say this, we leave the forest, waving to the fairy who disappears back to its home.

"Is that why we couldn't take any of our food or tents in our storage?" He asks. I nod.

"When was the last time you ate?" I ask.

"Three days!" Sky shouts from the back of the group, jogging up to us to join in the conversation.

"As soon as we get back, we are getting you good." I say before stopping, making everybody else stop before we walk into the view of O'khasis.

"Why don't we eat there?" Barney asks. My face pales slightly.

"I... Don't have a good history. If they see me, i will be captured on sight." I gulp, just thinking about it.

"I'm not going to ask..." Max sweat drops.

"Okay then, everybody hold onto me and I will teleport us back." I say, taking out the enchanted twig and the spell book. This isn't cheating... Right? Everybody holds on to me and I slash the air to the right twice before down once. We all are soon teleported onto that one individual.

"I quit!" He shouts.

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