Chapter 32

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Aphmau POV

One week. It has been one week. One week since I have woken up. One week since they have left. One week since we lost touch with them. One week since they disappeared. One week.

One week ago, after we watched movies, Sky, Kala, Barney, Jin, Ross, Max, Red and Ssundee.

"They should be here any day now. You don't need to pack any bags. They are fine. They are leaders of the Sky Army." Katelyn tries to comfort me, placing her hand on my shoulder but u just shrug her off. That's all she has been saying.

"You said that yesterday and the day before that. I should have went with them! The people who go into that forest never come out. Only I have come out of that forest and they don't even know that story!" I continue to pack my bag that I am going to take with me.

"Please don't leave! We can figure this out but you are still hurt!" Cadenza speaks up next. Me, Katelyn, Cadenza, Pink and I are in the living room right now and yes I did say I twice.

"The princess has spoken." My temporary twin says. I was thinking of somebody to help me and my charm turned into a talking me.

"Why do you keep calling her princess?" Cadenza asks. "Does it have something to do with that angelic form that we saw?" At that, me and pink pale.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I simply say. Both girls give me a look.

"You have been avoiding this subject since we first saw you in it!" Cadenza complains.

"It's best if you guys didn't know." Pink says. I put the bag on my back.

"I'm going to find the army if you like it or not. Tell the guys that stayed that I have left and to not come after me." They have all been trying to keep me on bed rest but I think my mother has been helping me because I can see the random green light on my injuries. My moms healing powers are green while mine are lilac purple but I haven't been able to use my healing powers yet.

"I'm going with you then!" Katelyn exclaims, walking up to me. I just shake my head.

"We will get lost if you come with me. The forest is enchanted. It will take you in a loop, trapping you until you die." I explain to her.

"Then what makes you think that you will be able to pass it then?" Katelyn asks. I just shrug.

"I know a person." I simply say before walking out of the front door, teleporting myself to the waypoint that I have had placed their for years. I wait outside of the forest and soon, a little white fairy comes. "Can you lead me through the forest please?" I ask her. She dances around me before flying in front. I follow it until I reach Hyria's house.

"Who's there?" I hear a familiar old voice shout.

"Aunt Hyria!" I shout. She turns to face me. My mom took me to see her when I was very young and I have called her Aunt Hyria ever since.

"Oh Jess! It is so good to see you. How have you been?" She asks, motioning her familiars to go back into a normal position they take. Just standing there... guarding nothing.

"Sorry I haven't visited for a few years. Things have happened." I tell her, sitting down.

"Oh it's alright deary. I have been watching over you, just like your mother has asked." She tells me.

"I also met Lucinda! She's one of my good friends." I tell her. She use to always tell me about her daughter even though they don't have a good past. Lucinda wanted to explore the world while Hyria wanted to protect the forest by trapping people in. That reminds me...

"What's on your mind dear?" She asks, noticing my face change from excited to worried.

"Last week, my friends came into the forest to find a mudkip. They haven't returned.

"That's worrying isn't it. I will see what I can find. In the mean time, that mudkip is near the pond. Quentin has been living in the pond at the waterfall since he came, asking for an escape. His kind was hunted so he turned himself into his mudkip form. He hasn't been able to change back since." She informs me. I know what pond she is talking about. We use to always go there back when my mother was still alive. I turn my charm into a pikachu hoodie before adventuring out into the forest, following the fairy to the waterfall.

"Hello? Anybody here?" I shout. I see a blue head stick out of the bushes before running away and into a hole in the bottom of a tree trunk. I slowly walk over to the tree trunk, bending down so I can show it that I won't try to use my height against him. "Quentin? Is that you?" He pops his head out. "It's me, Jess. Remember me?" He jumps out of the hole, jumping into my arms.

"Jess! It's been so long! You disappeared. What are you doing here?" He asks, still in his mudkip form.

"We are trying to reform the sky army. Do you mind coming with me to Hyria's house? I will explain when we get there." I stand up.

"Sure. How do you know Hyria?" She asks. I start to walk towards aunt Hyria's house.

"She was best friends with my mom. We use to always come here when she was still alive." I explain to him. Soon we reach the house

"I never knew that." I just shrug. As soon as I walk into the house, he jumps out of my arms.

"Oh Jess! You are back and you brought Quentin with you." Hyria comes into the room with two cups full of tea on a tray.

"Is that..." I stare lovingly at the tea.

"It is." I squeal before running over to the dining table. Q jumps up onto the table.

"So did you find out where they are?" I ask her. She nods her head. "Where?" I take a sip of the best tea in the world.

"They have somehow progressed through the forest but they trapped themselves in the cave. The forest is creating a blizzard so they are trapped there." At this, I spit my tea out.

"I have to go and help them!" I quickly down the hot tea, instantly regretting it. "Hot!" I shout, downing the cup of water that Q pushed towards me. "Thanks! Now let's go save the guys!" I say before picking him up and running at the door, shouting that I would be back.

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