Chapter 22

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"So you just sat with his family and watched a movie?" Emily asked.

I nodded my head, too concentrated on the blonde hanging off of Jack's shoulders to say anything in reply. His locker wasn't even close to mine yet somehow he managed to position himself right in my line of sight, flirting shamelessly with a girl I didn't even know.

"I take it your little coffee date didn't go well," Ty mentioned, his eyes following mine.

I turned away from the pathetic sight across the hall from me and shrugged my shoulders. "It wasn't a date. Definitely not a date."

"That much is obvious," Emily commented.

"Whatever," I mumbled, opening my locker to grab my calculus book.

It didn't matter. After what happened at the coffee shop, I wanted nothing to do with Jack. And yet, he was still all I could think about. It was infuriating. For someone I was mad at, he was still occupying my thoughts all the time. I just wished I could erase the past three years of our relationship so letting him go would be easier.

"I never liked him anyway," Ty stated, sending Jack an unapproving look.

Of course, Jack was too busy staring at what's-her-face's boobs to even notice. "You liked him, don't lie," I muttered.

Ty shrugged. "But I don't like him anymore, and that's what counts, right?"

"How about we forget the whole thing entirely and get drunk at Holly Matther's party tonight?" Emily cut in, a hopeful smile on her face.

I thought about the idea of getting plastered and forgetting about Jack. With my luck, I'd get drunk and tell everyone how I really felt about the whole thing. That would be a disaster. "Eh, I don't know. Her parties usually get busted."

Ty laughed. "Yeah, and the best part of the night is running from the cops."

"Not when you run through a thorn bush!"

Emily and Ty both cringed, most likely picturing me after Holly's big bash at the beginning of junior year. When the cops showed up I practically became an olympic sprinter. Sadly, my sprinting career ended when I ran through one of her neighbors thorn bushes. I was picking out thorns from the arms and legs for two days. It was terrible.

"Well this time we'll get you so drunk that if you do end up running through a thorn bush, you won't even feel it," Emily suggested.

"I think at that point I wouldn't be able to walk, much less run."

"Well at least give the party some thought. It might take your mind off of certain things," Emily said.

Her eyes moved toward Jack, but I avoided looking in his direction. "Well what about Porter? I thought we were going to have a movie night!"

"Can't, I'm grounded," a familiar voice said from behind me.

Porter didn't seem too upset as he shared the news with us. He was grounded at least once a month for something incredibly stupid. Damn you Porter, I thought. I was hoping I could use him as an excuse to get out of the party.

"Fine," I finally said.

"Oh don't sound so enthusiastic," Emily said.

Before I could explain to her why I wasn't really up for a party, the minute bell rang and the crowd in the hallway started to disperse. I followed Ty and Porter to our first hour class, relieved to be going to AP history and not calculus. I could handle math maybe once a week but every day was torture. We barely made it to class on time before the bell rang, only beating one other student who always showed up last. As usual, Sawyer strolled in a few minutes late, not a worry about the world as he slid into the desk in front of me.

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