Log four: suspicions

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LOG FOUR: suspicions


Yoosung was impatiently waiting for Luciel's response, pacing back and forth in his bedroom. Suddenly his phone buzzed and he quickly grabbed it. He had a text from Luciel.

"I just called (r/g/n). Her voice is the same so I highly doubt it is someone else. Besides, she seemed normal," the text read, and Yoosung sighed in relief, typing out a text for Luciel.

"Thank you Seven, sorry for the bother," Yoosung sent and sat down on his bed, another sigh escaping his lips.
He still had this gut feeling telling him something was wrong. He tried to shrug it off but it only got stronger. Yoosung enraged and threw a pillow against the wall.

Why was he feeling like that?!

He decided to text Jaehee and try once again. Maybe this time she won't be busy. Jaehee always knew how to solve problems.

"Hey Jaehee, something's been bothering me. (r/g/n) seems off and something is telling me that... this isn't (r/g/n)."

Six minutes after sending the text, Yoosung received a text from Jaehee,

"I have never trusted (r/g/n) in first place, and I actually dislike her. But if what you're saying is true, then I have a plan."

Yoosung gulped loudly, what was Jaehee thinking about?

"What id ut?" Yoosung typed quickly, making two typos in the process.

"Since you are the closest to (r/g/n), tell me stuff she likes, anything. Her favorite color or tv show, her favorite movie, something that would be kind of specific."

Yoosung thought for a couple minutes before typing again.
"Her favorite movie is (least/favorite/movie), she also said she disliked (favorite/anime) with a passion.. Hmmm.. She also said she likes (least/favotrite/band).. That's all I can think of for now.."

"Okay, I will try to see if her answers will match those you said. Then I will talk to you and decide what will happen based on her answers," Jaehee sent and Yoosung replied with an "OK." before lying down on his bed and closing his eyes. He was tired of thinking, so he wanted to take a nap.

Jaehee immediately texted you. You looked at the screen with a bored expression. 'Great. This is the first time I talk with Jaehee. Might as well get to know her,' you chuckled and read her text.

"Hello,(r/g/n), how are you today?"

'What a lame person,' you mumbled and typed back, "Hi Jaehee, I'm good, how about you?"

First red flag- (r/g/n) despised Jaehee, and she is talking naturally, but hey! They decided to move on, right?

"I'm stressed, but I'm taking a break at the moment," Jaehee typed back, then sent another text,
"I'd like to get to know you more, since we are the most distant out of the rest."

You smirked, why was this so easy? You replied, "sure, tell me about yourself." You didn't want to be asked things, since the hacker must've collected info about you which will make you suspicious, so you tried to start first, planning on avoiding her questions.

"Well, I am a fan of Zen's and I work as Jumin's assistant. I also dislike cats. My favorite movie is (least/favorite/movie), do you like it as well?"

You tapped your chin. Good, you got some useful information. You typed back, "actually, I hate it, (random/character) was horrible! And I didn't like the ending at all," you sent and waited for Jaehee's response.

Second red flag - that was (r/g/n)'s favorite movie.

Jaehee glared at the text you just sent, could Yoosung be right? If he was right, what happened to (r/g/n)?!

"Oh, I see, everyone has different tastes," she sent then typed another message, "I heard you liked anime, what's your favorite?"

You unintentionally smiled at the mention of anime, "(Favorite/anime), of course! I love (favorite/character) so much!"

Third red flag- this wasn't (r/g/n)'s favorite.

Jaehee now was positive you are not (r/g/n), but what could she do?

"Yes, I am not a fan of anime but I've heard that anime is a good one. Now if you excuse me, I should go and continue my work," she excused herself, obviously lying, and quickly dialed Yoosung's number.

Yoosung's sleep was interrupted by his ringtone blasting loudly, he picked it up as soon as he saw the caller ID, it was Jaehee.

"Hello, Jaehee?" he spoke and groaned.

"You were right. This is absolutely not (r/g/n). But I don't know what happened, or where (r/g/n) is. I think we should inform V and then the other members," Jaehee spoke and Yoosung's heart dropped, he'd liked (r/g/n) a lot, he had some sort of crush on her. Without noticing, tears rolled down his cheeks, he told Jaehee he will take care of this matter and hung up.

"Whoever hurt (r/g/n) will pay. And whoever this person is, I will find them."

(A/n: oh yes, a lame ass chapter, Luciel why you so useless? Lololol, anyway, sorry for this chapter, I will try to spice things up a bit in the next chapter owo thanks for reading~!
Oh, and Eid Mubarak for my fellow Muslims! X3 [if it's Eid for you lol])

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