He's Hot

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip Provided by Bill Cipher's Bow Tie~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She was finally recovered and more then happy to return to school. This was her first day back and everyone smiled and hugged her, well everyone except Chloe but she'd rather not be touched by her anyways. 

She did however feel a strong excitement when she was hugged by a certain blonde model.

She was walking through the gym on her way to her french literature class with Ms. Bustier when she heard a voice call to her. As she turned around to see who was calling she was enveloped by strong yet slim arms and her face was pressed against a chest covered by a black shirt with lines on it and doused with a heavenly smelling cologne. 


She looked up to see the boy shed a slight tear. He was crying. She hugged the boy back smiling softly.

He whispered something softly not knowing you would hear it.

"I thought I didn't make it" 

You thought about it for a second until you asked, "What do you mean?"

His eyes widened and he jumped back a bit. 

"I said uh 'I thought YOU didn't make it' heh heh" he laughed nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

'Wow, he's so yummy....and he hugged me....HE HUGGED ME!!!!' 

Upon realizing he had hugged her, she blushed a deep crimson and somehow her vision of him became slow motion as she watched his actions. 'He's so perfect'

"So uh did you see who saved you?" he broke her daydream and she smiled more as she remembered the beauty and grace of the boy on her hospital TV.

"Yeah", she sighed.

"What do you think of him?"

"He's hot!" She spoke a little too openly. His face became as red as Ladybug when he heard those words escape your lips.

She realized what she said and her face matched the boy's in color and a silence was created between the two.

"So um do you wanna go to the park and hangout after school?" he asked a bit nervously but also just as confident.

"Of course! You're awesome! You're the only kid I feel comfortable with ever since the whole Bro event! I guess that means we're friends right?" she laughed smiling wide.

"I don't just hug everyone silly obviously we're friends!" he laughed with her hugged her again.

He pulled away as the bell rang and they ran together hoping no one closed the door on them yet.

This day back was perfect...

...So far.

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