Chapter 5

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I sigh deeply starring at the ceiling . I look to my side to see Natsu sleeping as soundly as a baby . He seemed to calm down after a while yestedrday . I was very worried he do something irrational . But after following Gray's simple orders it actually worked and got him to stay at a low level of anger that was controlable .

Natsu keeps snoring like a lion and let me just say it is quite adorable on him . I sit up , but when I try to get off of the king sized bed I feel two strong arms wrap around my small petite waist and pull me back . I quickly realized that it was none other than Natsu . "Don't ...let's just stay on the bed...yeah the bed comfy pillows,extremely
soft matress,and a hot girl beside me who is half naked seems to grasp my attention even more ..." he mumbles . I laugh at his attempt to try and skip out of  school .

I shake my head saying no . "Natsu we must attend school or we will get into serious trouble . " I state . He just groans as a response but quickly he sits up . Well that did not take much time to persuade him into going . Or so I thought as he lets me go and I try to stand up he pins me down . He is in the space between my legs and has my arms pinned over my head with one of his hands . He uses his free hand to run it across my bare legs because last night he insisted on me not wearing any pants . I agreed on his terms but on the condition that he wouldn't try anything funny .

He promised he didn't so I did my fair share of the deal . Slowly he stops mid thigh and then he moves it to my inner thigh . The he runs it up to my stomach and stops at a bit more above of my belly button. I giggle a little at his touch which gave me tickles . He smirks down at me and then he gets a devious look on his  face which starts to cause fear to be read clear all over my face . He suddenly starts to tickle me . I laugh at his tickles .

"I'll stop tickling you if you agree on staying here with me . " He says as he keeps tickling me. I shake my head no laughing . "Fine then I'll just continue to tickle you all day . I won't get tired of hearing your laugh anyways it is quite adorable . " He tells me and I blush. He suddenly stops . "You're blushing . It is a good look for you . " He says and gets close to my face but I quickly look away . "Morning breath . I have to brush my teeth. " I tell him quickly pulling my hands away from his grasp.

"None sense I highly doubt you have any I have a very sharp sense of smell and I did not smell anything wrong with your breath but pure strawberry mint " he tells me . I shake my head no . "I must brush my teeth a try to get rid of this birds nest . " I say pointing to my head . He laughs . "Yes you must fix that." He says pointing at my hair which is everywhere .

I go to the bathroom and do my morning routine . Since I had gone home yesterday to get a bag with a change of clothes and my personal things like hairbrush , toothbrush just the necessary things . After I was done I came out and looked better than when I woke up at least . Natsu comes out of his walk in closet with a black button up shirt with long sleeves and black ripped jeans. The shirt wasn't even buttoned up which was kinda interesting since he was showing off his eight pack and I looked like a complete idiot just starring .

He looks at me and smirks ." Like what you see ?" He asks while smirking. (Totally a fuckboy line 😂👌✋) I shake my head no though I can feel my
cheeks warming up . He just chuckles and pats my head . I just go and grab my combat boots and put them on . Now that I'm looking at what I'm wearing we actually kinda have matching outfits . I'm wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a choker . Some black high waisted jean shorts , and a black bandanna . I giggle and he just gives me a weird face .

"What's wrong with you?" he asks me and presses his forehead against mine . "Hmm not a fever . " He says and eyes me up and down . "Natsu we're kinda matched in clothing . " I tell him and giggle again . He then laughs a little . "Yeah I guess we are. Hold on let me go get my black bandanna." He says and goes to his dresser and puts it on . Now it looks like we're a couple . 'Wait what ?!?!Stop thinking like that Juvia you're just someone he claimed . ' I think to myself .

He walks over to me and puts an arm over my shoulder . "Ready for school?" he asks me . I only nod . "Wait don't you wanna go seperately so you won't be embarassed ?" I ask him looking up due to the fact that I'm 5'1 while he appears to be like 6 feet tall . He just laughs and shakes his head no pinching my nose . "No dummy I would never be ashamed of you . " He says as we walk down the stairs and walk to the front door .

As we're walking out we see Erza and Gray waiting on the front of the gate , leaning against a car talking to eachother . Erza has her arms crossed and Gray has an arm wrapped around her shoulders as he kisses her cheek every once in a while . She suddenly sees us walking over and nudges Gray and makes a hand gesture towards us . He looks over at us and whistles . "Look at that sexy couple . Might I add on fleak with the matching clothing . " He smirks while saying and Erza just laughs .

"Yo Gray , Erza ." Natsu walks up to Gray and bro fists Gray and then gives Erza a friendly brother like hug . I just stay there and let them talk until Erza walks over to me and hugs me . "Juvia it's good to see that you are okay and safe. " She says while hugging me I hug her back . "Thanks you too Erza . So how is everything at school is everyone okay ?" I ask her . She nods a yes still smiling as brightly as ever .

"Yes and great news Lucy was suspended for 5 weeks . Isn't that great ?" She jumps a little with joy . "I guess but I don't want her education to get ruined because of my fault . " I tell her . She shakes her head no . "Nonsense . She deserves it . She has done so many bad things to people and always gets away with them . " She tells me. I sigh and nod my head yes . "So how is it between you and Natsu ? Has he told you yet the whole thing ?" Erza asks me .

"What thing ? And yes we are fine I guess a little bit more than just friends but I don't think we are in a relationship yet or ever will be . " I tell her in a calm voice and she shakes her head . "No . You guys will and Natsu Dragneel get the hedgehog over here and tell your girlfriend exactly what you told us " she uses emphasis on the word girlfriend .

I blush and he and Gray stop talking as he walks over to us and gently grabs my hand . He sends a glare in Erza's direction and she just gives him a smile along with a playful eyeroll . "Goodluck love birds . Cya at school . " She winks and waves at the both of us as she and Gray get inside the car and drive off to school. He clears his throat and I look up at him .

"We need to talk " he says as we start walking to school which is like 15 minutes from here on foot . I nod my head yes . "I can see and by the look that Erza gave you and might I add the tone of voice , I suppose it is very serious . " I tell him in a serious yet polite tone . He nods . "Look when I told you I claimed you it was for a reason . You see when a vampire claims a girl he really means that -" he was cut off from a loud honk that came from beside us . We both turn our heads in the direction of where it came from . I see the girl from yesterday in the bathroom in a black Nissan . She waves hello to us .

"Need a ride?" she asks us with a sweet smile . We both shake our heads no and smile back . "Thanks Mira , but we're just gonna walk ." Natsu says and lifts our intertwined hands in the air . Her smile suddenly becomes wider and she claps happily . "I knew it NaVia did happened ! Haha wait till I tell Laxus about this ! Well see you guys at school . "She waves then drives off .

"So..." I trail off . He chuckles and bends down to kiss my cheek . "C'mon get on my back and I'll give you a piggy back ride . "He says and lets go of my hand and crouches down . I get on his back and he holds my legs up so I won't fall . I giggle and put my arms around his neck . He chuckles then runs in his vampiric speed to school . We get there in about 2 minutes but we end up in the back of the school .

He sets me down and kisses my cheek again . I smile like an idiot and blush . "So what did you wanna tell me ?" I ask him . He just shakes his head . "I just needed to remind you that you still have to live with me from now on . " He says and grabs my hand . "C'mon let's go inside before the principal asks if we're doing drugs . " he tells me . "Okay ..." i nod my head yes . But something tells me that what he told me wasn't completely it . I'll just shrug it off for now and just walk with him through the school halls .

Oooh what did Natsu really have to tell Juvia ? Was that really all he had to say ? Will she push him away if she found out he was lying to her ? What will Lucy do when she comes back from being suspended ? Better question will Mira go ship crazy and make NaVia posters ? 😂😂😂✋
Well that's all for now . Hope you guys liked it . Until the next chapter .  Vote pls . Comments leave some .  ^~^

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