Chapter 4

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Uh oh . I shiver and he remains with a stiff body and an angered expression on his face. Lucy tries pulling away from his grip but he is too strong for her . I put a hand on his shoulder . "Natsu calm down . Please lets just go let it be , let her be . " I try reasoning with him . He only scoffs shaking his head no . I open my mouth to say something but before I can say anything he cuts me off . "Go tell Erza and Gray to come over here immediatly . Now Juvia. " He tells me with a serious tone of voice filled with anger and high authority . I only nod and go and try to find Gray and Erza .

I guess luck was on my side today because I quickly bump into Erza and Gray . I sigh in relief and run to them . "Gray, Erza ...I-It's Natsu he told me to come and get you guys quick he has Lucy in a tight grip and he won't calm down he's in the gym right now and he asksed for you both " Gray suddenly grabs my hand and Erzas hand as well and drags us both down the hallway and into the gym . "Natsu isn't the one to have patience c'mon before it runs thin and he completly loses it . " Erza nods agreeing "Yes that's very true and it won't be long before things get really out of hand if we don't hurry . " She tells me .

We walk into the gym to find him screaming at her . "Leave her alone! Thanks to you she's afraid of even breathing in this school ! Just back off already you whore !!!" he tells Lucy and she just stands there smirking at him. "Tsk, Natsu we all know she's just a rebound girl because you can't get over me . It's okay babe I can't get over you either let's just forget the differences and be the way we used to be . " she tries to wrap her arms around him but he pushes her off . Erza quickly grabs her and pulls her back while Gray pulls Natsu away from her . He looks as if he could tear her head away right then and there .

We don't need anymore trouble than we are in already . I quickly run over to where Natsu is and gently grab his face and make him look at me . "Natsu please calm down focus on my voice Natsu focus on it relax just calm down." he's breathing heavily and his onyx eyes are a very dark shade of green . He looks into my eyes and his breathing start to even . His eyes soften a bit in the process .

Gray stays there still holding him in shock . "No one has ever been able to calm him down not even Erza . Wow he really must like you . " Gray tells me shock clear in his voice . Erza speaks up . "I'm going to take her to the principal you guys had better take him home . Don't worry I'll make sure you guys are excused for the rest of the day . " She tells us with a firm nod . Me and Gray nod our heads yes at her and take Natsu with us .

We exit the school and he quickly tosses some keys to me . "The keys to his car . Drive him home make sure he stays calm . I suggest give him a blood bag after and make sure he remains inside the mansion for the rest of the day . " he tells me . "How did you know about him and how i know that he is...?" i ask him . "I'm one too . " He grows fangs all of the sudden . "Erza is one too but those are stories for another occassion . Go now before he has another rage attack . His car is that black BMW over there . " He points at the car . I quickly nod and grab Natsus hand and make him sit in the passenger seat .

He growls but i ignore it and get into the drivers seat . "Hurry up and drive before I change my mind and rip that sluts head off with no regret . " He tells me . "Natsu calm the hell down. Please I don't like to see you like this . " I tell him as  I turn on the engine and start to drive out of the school and onto the main road . When Natsu had taken me to his house last night this morning I made sure to memorize the way to his house while he was driving me back . Cept he didn't drive me in this car it was in a different one a red 1967 Chevy Impala. We make it to the driveway of his mansion and I step out of the car and walk over to his side of the car .

He opens the door and gets out . He drags me inside the house and pulls me into what I am assuming is the kitchen . He quickly opens the fridge and grabs a bloodbag tears it open and starts to drain it slowly . I curiously watch him . He notices me and walks over to me and motions for me to take a sip from it . I shake my head no .

"Trust me it's alot better than it appears to be just try . One sip , for me . " He tells me in an attractive seductive tone . I sigh and bring the bag close to my lips and slowly take a sip . It tastes thick and metalic irony like . I scrunch up my nose in a bit of disgust . I cough choking and some blood drips down my chin . He runs his thumb across it and  then brings it to his mouth sucking on it . "Mmmmm...delightful" he says . I blush and hand him the bag and go to the living room and sit on the couch .

He takes a seat beside me . He seems calm now . He grabs one of my hands and starts playing with my fingers . "One finger, one kiss ." He kisses my thumb . "Two fingers , one point. " he kisses my index finger . "Three fingers , one love. " He kisses my middle finger . "Four fingers , one ring ." he suddenly slips a ring with a purple gem stone on it . "One pinky , and many promises . " He interlocks his pinky finger with mine . I giggle . He can be a dork at times .

"What's the ring for ? What's the ocassion ?" i ask him . He looks at me . "It's sort of a vampire thing when we claim someone we either give them a special item that we find most precious to us and give it to the one we claim or share an intimate moment . Sometimes they do both . But in this case you've barely met me so let us just stick to the ring for now. Oh and yes like I have stated before. You are mine and only mine . Nobody else's okay . I'll rip anyones head off if I have to okay . " I nod and slightly gulp . He gives me a gentle sweet kiss on the lips and sits up . "So , wanna watch a movie ?" He suggests . I nod . Claimed huh ...what have I gotten myself into .

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