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*Inspired by brave-vesperia and her rvb one-shot 'Soldiers' (Locus x reader)

You and Lance were besties. Nothing got in between you and your friend. Not even bad days, enemies, fights, injuries or even loss.

You had a habit of climbing to the pinnacle of the castle and sitting there when the Paladins stopped at other planets to refuel and restock. Every time you moved the stars were different and no matter how many times you looked at the night sky, the constellations were never familiar to those of earth. You missed Earth, your home planet.

"(Y/N)!!!!!" Lance screamed.

"Lance?!" You gasped, scurrying over to the side of the tower.

"How the heck do you manage to climb all the way up here?!" Lance yelled, clinging onto a flimsy ledge.

"You free climbed?!" You exclaimed, offering a hand to Lance.

"You are one freaky girl" Lance chuckled.

"Really?" You grunted, struggling to balance yourself on the tower while hauling your three-ton friend.

"Pull harder!" Lance squirmed, struggling not to look down.

"Work out more often and lose weight, Lance!" You clenched your teeth, gathering your energy one last haul before your hand gave way.

You looked down at the daunting height that scared the life out of you. You let out a battle cry and pulled him onto the tower. Lance successfully crawled onto the tower and gripped onto you after the experience.

"Ha ha ha!" You laughed, patting Lance as he clung onto you.

"You are the funniest fraidy cat ever" You giggled.

"Easy for you to say! You always come up here" Lance whimpered, letting his arms off of you. You just smiled and resumed your daily watch at the stars.

Lance noticed you staring up at the night sky. "Why do you like the stars so much?" Lance asked.

"I miss home Lance" You answered, "Looking at the sky just... Brings something back that I had on earth, even though it makes me even more homesick." You frowned as your mind drifted to what were the good old days on earth...

The time you first met Lance at school, the time you were able to ride your bike on your own, when you baked your first birthday cake and when you finally got straight A's on your school report. It all came flooding back and when you woke up, those memories whipped past you and disappeared.

Lance looked upon you. Without another word, he brought you into a warm side hug. You leaned on his shoulder and tried to push those memories away. Lance's embrace seemed to dash all those things away. After a few seconds, you were already lost in the comfort of his arms. You felt safe and secure here... But not on top of the tallest point of the castle.

"Hey, Lance?" You asked. "Are you still freaking out about the height?"

"Yes," Lance answered.

"Do you want to go down?" You asked.

"Yes," Lance answered. You grinned, laughing a little bit before moving to the edge of the tower. "(y/n)?" Lance said.

"Yeah?" You replied.

"How on earth did you climb up here?" Lance asked.

"I climbed up from Shiro's hanger, from the inside" You answered, stifling as much laughter as you could.

"Oh..." Lance replied.


You two made it inside the castle, trying to step without making any loud disturbances to the silence. The castle was big, but still, you wanted to keep this quiet since it looked like everyone was asleep.

"Lance," You whispered, crossing your arms. "Thanks for coming up there, it really helped" You smiled to Lance who seemed to have calmed down now that he was on the ground.

"Hey no worries (y/n)" Lance replied.

You and Lance walked to the bedrooms where you two parted ways. "Good night" Lance yawned.

"Night," You replied, pulling him into a hug, "Again, thank you, Lance." Lance hugged you back, knowing that you needed it. You two stayed there for a minute or so before letting go.

These routines continued. You would climb up on the tower or find someplace to look outside (If there any windows in the Castle of Lions), Lance would find you then you guys would talk and would give each other some hugs. But then one night Lance decided to greet you with a kiss on the cheek. You brushed the event off quickly knowing that he was a joker at times and because you were best friends. But when you started to kiss back, it didn't seem like a joke anymore.


You two were cuddled up on the top of the castle again. And this time, Lance climbed up to you the right way. You two were extremely close. Lance had his arm wrapped around your waist and you rest your head on his chest. Lance bit his lip while you stayed in your own suspense.

"Ahem, uh (y/n)?" Lance paused.

"Yeah?" You answered.

"Uh..." Lance stammered.

"What?" You asked. You felt Lance tense his arm and you could hear and feel his heart pounding inside. You smiled, having a good guess on what he was going to say, but you were worried that it was something else and waited.

Lance sighed, "Never mind." You frowned, a little disappointed. "Idiot" You heard Lance whispered to himself. You felt a spark of hope when you found he felt guilty about not saying it that time.

"Hey, Lance?" You asked, now understanding how nervous he was. You smiled and took a deep breath, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Woke up and snuck away to write this one-shot for you guys! This one-shot was requested by IcedBurrito3261! As you guys may have guessed, I am writing your requests! For those who have just read this and not the other parts of the book. 

I am taking requests, truths and dares, and headcannons for those who love those (I personally do as well).

Hopefully, I'll have time to write some more before the family wakes up (And before schooling begins).

Cheerio! <3

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