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Jason's PoV

I watched with a smirk as I saw Ella as she entered school and walked to her locker. I grinned widely. I loved messing around with her. The sight of her pissed me off, how dare she think she can do what she likes and then believe she can get away with it. I signalled Casper, Harris, TJ and Jackson to follow me.

I slowly crept up to her and leaned up against the locker beside hers, she didn't even notice, what a dumb ass.

I slammed her locker with a bang, she jumped up and once she later eyes on me hers widened with fear. I watched as her grip around her textbooks got tighter,
"Well well, someone's late again, how are we today Miss Ella?" I joked around with her, laughing a bit my self as so did the guys,

She paused for a while, inspecting me,
"Jason..." She almost whispered. I thought about how much this would be fun, to mess around with her some more. My grin got deeper,

"Come on, how much you got on you?" My smile disappeared and the look of fear in her eye got more and more noticeable.
"What, what are you-" she started timidly, I cut her off by pulling her thin twig like wrists up to my face. Her books fell on the floor and her mouth was left agape,
"Don't use that shit, me and the guys want some drinks and we're broke, so how much have you got?" I whispered in a low tone into her ear.

"I haven't got any money," she says in her helpless voice then whimpers. I get sick of her so I release her to the floor and watch as she pants slowly. I turn and nod to Casper and TJ, they get the idea.

They pull her up and drag her outside of school, I look back to make sure no one is watching then follow. We take her to the corner around school near an alley way.

As they throw her to the concrete floor she lets out a small cry and brings her bag closer for comfort, what a pathetic b*tch,

"Ella Ella Ella, how many times do I have to tell you, don't lie with me," with that, I pull her up from her collar and push her to the wall. Watching as she strains, she tries to push my hand away but is to weak.  Harris and TJ start to tip her trampy bag upside down and search through it. I was kidding about the money, I'm basically loaded but it makes me laugh when I do this to her. The pathetic helpless shit deserves it.

I notice them stop and look back at me, signalling there is nothing and she is clean.  She pants and looks at me directly in the eye. Hmm where do girls hide stuff? She's clean is she? Well is her body clean for anything? I look down at her body and grin up at her raising an eyebrow, she immediately gasps,

"We are clever aren't we? This is going to be a fun search," I grin madly at her and pin her down to the dry floor, trying to get a from hold.

"Hold her damn legs!" I shout at the guys to grip her damn legs.

I grab her arms and place them over her head. I place my legs over her to keep her on place. She starts crying and struggling,
"Jason!! Let me go!! SOMEONE HEL-" i immediately covers her mouth,

"Make one more sound b*tch, and I swear I will instantly kill you!" I threatens. One more sound I mean and I will snap her arms and her legs.
I hungrily pull her hoodie up with one hand. I smirk as I see her bare skin and chest.

"Please stop!! I beg you! Fine, I'll I've you the money just stop!" She cries even louder and begs for her damn life.

I tut at her and shake my head,
"It's too late for that, now you know, don't lie with me Ell," I shushed her and then pinned her arms down even harder. I was digging in to them, warning her not to struggle and make this difficult.

I pulled up her sweater and smiled, she had a hot body I gotta admit, and it could've been mine if she hadn't rejected me the dumb slut!
I start to trail my hand up her white soft skin and up to her chest. I hear her cries get louder. I wasn't even hurting her, I lift my hand from her arm slightly and see a visible clear cut and frown, did I do that? I look down at her body and see a blue dim bruise on the side of her slim waist, before anyone can do anything else, we get an alarm!

"HEY! You hooligans!! STOP RIGHT THERE!"shit!.

"Quick Jason! Hurry let's leave her!" Jackson picks up a bill from the floor and they all run into the back of the alley way. I get up from over her and look at her in the eye one last time. This girl is interesting. I run behind them, fleeing the scene.


I sat with the guys and watched as each shot was poured in the shot glass,
I sat down with a cigarette in my mouth and a blonde bimbo with a skimpy outfit sat next to me. I was deep in thought as she lit my cigarette in a flirtatious manner and kissed me on the side of my lips. I smirked at her and winked as she left.

"Jason, what you gonna do now?" Jackson pants as he hands over the lame five dollars. I snatch it off him and laugh,

"Find out where she goes, I do believe we have a little heat session to finish off between us,"

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