"Luna?" Someone knocked on the door, "Alpha sent me here to check on you, he wants me to perform a few test on you to ensure that you're okay from the fire."

"Go away, I'm fine," I yelled through the door. "Also if you see your Alpha tell him I said I hate him and he sucks and if he ever talks to me like that I will cut off his balls and make him eat them."

"Okay." She giggled before walking away.

I really wish there was someone for me to talk to, someone who's not on Noah's side. If I call Ryan, he will immediately blame everything on me. I don't want to bother Lily and possible make her have another breakdown, and I have no friends whatsoever. I wish I would have opened the door for the pack doctor. She seemed pretty nice considering I talked with her briefly and through a door.

I could go to the pack house. I may even meet someone who despises Noah as much as I do. Doubt it, he's is their Alpha.

Maybe I should go for a run to calm myself down. It's been a while, that is why I even stopped to meet Noah in the first place and I still haven't been on a run.

Getting up from my bed, I go into the closet getting my shoes. I put them on before going downstairs. I thought about leaving Noah a note but after the way he treated me he deserves no explanation for my whereabouts. Once I am deep in the woods I change out my clothes hiding them behind a tree before shifting.


"She said what?" I asked Shelly, the pack doctor.

"She said she's fine, and that you suck and if you ever talk to her like that she will cut of your...manhood." She blushed averting her eyes from mine.

"Wow, man I kind of feel bad for you." My Beta Adam said laughing before everyone joined in. "I'm actually kind of glad I haven't found my mate yet."

"Ryan did warn me, and trust me when you do meet your mate, you won't be thinking that," I said before signing the document that would add more land to our territory and giving it to Adam. "Make sure this get delivery to city hall, I going to go check on her."


"Ellie?" I yelled as I entered the house. When she doesn't answer I walked up the stairs to her bedroom. "Ellie?" Her scent is faint, telling me she hasn't been here for a while. I growled before mind linking Adam. "Set up a search party, my mate is missing."

"You think she was kidnapped?" He asked frantically.

"I don't know, now get to work," I growled out before blocking him out and running out the house. I shifted and begin the search of my mate.

Ten minutes later I had just reached the northern part of the border when I felt someone trying to mind link me.

"Alpha we found here, she went out for a run," Adam explained through our mind link.

"Meet me at my house," I ordered him.

It was a recorded of five minutes before I had made it back to my house. Adam and Ethan, my Gamma were standing in front of the house. "She's inside," Adam told me. I dismissed them both and went inside.

I wasn't angry, not even a little, I was just happy that she was okay. I found her in the living room with her phone in her hand and her hair was wet and she was wearing sweat pants and a random shirt, it was evidence that she had just got out of the shower.

She looked up when she saw me, "Really a search party?" She asked angrily, throwing her phone onto the couch.

"I don't want to argue." I held my hands in the air, showing her that I surrendered. "I think we've done enough of that today. Long as you're okay, everything is fine."

"That's the thing, everything is not fine." She yelled out at me.

"Okay, what's wrong?" I asked calmly.

"Noah, I want to go home." She pleaded.

"You are home." Knowing that a fight was on its way I begin walking towards my office.

She followed behind me. "I want to go back to my old pack. Obviously, things are not working out between us and there's no reason for me to be here. I will call Ryan and have him send someone to meet me." She said as if things were gonna be that easy.

I turned around, facing her. "No," I growled. "You can't just up and leave when things get rough."

"I'm never going to be the perfect mate; why can't you just understand that."

"You haven't even tried!"

"What do you think today was for?" She angrily threw her hands in the air.

I walked closer to her so that I was standing over her. "One day out of the few weeks you've been here."

She folded her arms. "At least I've tried."

"No, you're not leaving; I don't care if I have to chain you down." I threaten.

"I am leaving with or without your permission!"

Beta Adam

Sam Smith: Good Thing

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Sam Smith: Good Thing

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