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Not relevant to this book- sorta

Okay, so we all know that Elsa has a heart shape scar on her right wrist. Which was made by a bully.

They were around 13 at that age.

I know that sounds totally impossible. Or maybe not. But I'll be honest. I've had a ruff time in school just like Elsa.

They would make fun of my glasses, and not because I wore them. But because I was me. Because everything I did was wrong. Because I could never be someone that people liked.

When I was young, this kid had stabbed me with his pencil, of course he got suspended. But I mean, ik he just didn't like me, and the scar remains there.

Another time. A few years later, one of my ex best friends and were racing, she extended her leg, making me trip and scrape my stomach on the hard concrete floor.

I cried so much that day, not only because of the burning sensation I felt, but because I never thought she'd do something like that.

I still have little pebbles there. Idk if they should have went away or something.

And there are so many stories like that.

Me almost falling over some stairs.

Me being yelled at for something I didn't do in front of my class.

Me being humiliated by people I thought cared for me.

Maybe nothing as dramatic like Elsa's event happened to me, but yes, I have scars from what I've been through. I don't hate them, but I don't love them.

I hide them to.

This book was supposed to be more about bullying, but I never had the chance to embrace that plot. So I did make a book which the plot involves bullying, self harm, depression, eating disorders. And ik most ppl don't like seeing lovable characters like Anna and Elsa in that way, I feel like we should at least feel a little more close and understood by this fictional characters.

I'll address more things in my author book. About all my books, and I'll answer questions that people ask about my books.

Till next time. And yes this is my last time adding a chapter here.


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