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I'm tired. I really am. I'm tired of trying to pour so much effort into things and then have it all come back negative. I'm tired of life handing me problems, stress, anxiety, sadness, when I give every once [ ounce ] of kindness I have to my surroundings. I'm tired of being hysteric, I'm tired of overthinking, I'm tired of hearing people who don't care say, "it's going to get better." when you really are just crying out for their help. I'm tired of giving everything I have, for nothing to be returned. I'm tired of people pretending to appreciate me. I'm tired of isolating myself. I'm tired of my friends forgetting to invite me places. I'm tired of loving too hard and feeling all but little. I'm tired...I'm tired of life. I've handled so much, but even the nicest people have their breaking points. And I think I have finally met mine.       -anb 

*may or may not go on a mini spree of scream poetry that is not mine*

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