"Alright so Lauren and I will be back in a couple of hours. If you need anything call me, If you feel sick call me and if Dinah is being all weird then definitely call me." I giggled looking over at Dinah who had a fake hurt expression on her face. "I am not weird!" She said back but everyone looked at her and laughed.

"Don't worry Mila she will be fine. We're just going to chill anyway." Normani was practically pushing them out the door. "Wait, hold on!" Camila came running over and gave me a hug.

"I'll see you soon." She kissed my cheek and then walked through the front door. Ally had already left so now it was just Normani, Dinah and I.

"And then there where three." Dinah smiled and looked over at me. "So monkey what would you like to do?" I shrugged my shoulders not really knowing.

"Oh I have an idea!" Mani yelled over Dinah. "How about we give you a house tour! We didn't actually give you one yet."

"Okay." Mani took my hand and started showing my around the house. Dinah was close behind but she had a evil smirk on her lips. I don't even want to ask. She showed me the kitchen and the living room that I was already acquainted with. Then we took a turn down another hallway with a large door and windows lining the walls. It was full of instruments and records all over the walls. "And here is our music room." I looked around taking it all in. The piano, the different types of guitars, the drums and the mountains of sheet paper. It was amazing.

"This is so cool." Dinah smiled and pulled me over to see the different instruments. "Do you know how to play?" She pointed to the guitars. "No, but I have always wanted to learn."

"Well Mila is one of our finest. If you ask she would love to teach you." Normani came around and took my hand again. "Come on bug, we still have more house to see." We left the room and started to walk upstairs.

"So the first door to your left is Ally's and I's room then down to the right is Camila's and Dinahs room. I would be careful walking in there." Normani leaned down whispering in my ear. "There kinda messy." I giggled looking back at Dinah.

"What ever she told you it's a lie!" She said back. "I mean unless it's that I'm messy, then that's completely true." She gave me a wink and walked down the hallway. "I'll be in here for a minute, give me a shout when it's my turn." Turn?

"What do you mean by turn? I'm just giving her a tour." Normani was a little confused.

"Yup I know but we both need some bonding time so you have until 2, then she's all mine!" She smiled and walked into her room and closed the door.

"Well okay then." We both laughed. Then she pointed to the last door at the end of the hallway. "And you know this but that's Lauren's room. You will be staying in there just for a little bit. We do have a guest room but it's empty." I was a little thankful they didn't just throw me in an empty room. I would never sleep.

"So we have a bathroom in each one of our rooms and then another over here. In the guest bedroom." She pointed to the opposite end of the hallway. "We also have another downstairs." She took my hand again and we walked back down.

"So we have a big dining room over there." She pointed over to the left. "But we mostly just eat in the kitchen. Then we have a screening room, but that's for the big movies." She smiled waking to the back door. "Then we have our backyard." She opened it and we both walked out. It was a huge yard with a deck that reached out with chairs and sofas. There was a pool and a fire pit in the middle of the yard. But the best part was the view. It looked out over Los Angeles. I could see the whole city and it took my breath away.

"You like the view?" Normani was looking down at me and could see the shocked expression on my face. "It's amazing!"

"Come on let's go sit." She lead me over to one of the sofas and we sat down.

"Your house is amazing. I've never seen so many rooms before." She laughed wrapping her arms around me. "You know kid you're pretty amazing too." I blushed.

"So Spence tell me about yourself. What should I know about you?" I looked out and thought for a moment.

"What would you like to know?" I asked looking back at Mani.

"Everything bug. I want to know everything." Well now I felt a little on the spot. "Okay, well I'm 7 years old and my birthday is January 21st. I like the colour white." I stopped trying to think of things about myself. "I like to read, I'm kinda shy, Umm.... I didn't really have to many friends in foster care." Normani looked at me to continue. "I'm a big fan of softball and my favourite baseball team are the Blue Jays." I put my hands in my lap and leaned a little closer into Normani.

"My favourite subject is writing and I'm allergic to nuts."

"Wait you're allergic to nuts?" Normani asked a little shocked. I nodded. "Baby why didn't you tell us sooner? What if we accidentally gave you something with nuts?" I shrugged. "I would puff up and turn red." She hit my shoulder being more serious. "That's not funny." But she gave a small laugh. "Okay sorry, keep going bug."

"I don't know what else to say.... Umm I've never been adopted. At least I don't think so. I can't really remember the past month." I trailed off trying to think back and remember anything but it's still a blur. "Well I think that's a perfect amount of information. Thank you for sharing Spence." She pulled me closer and I fell into her embrace. "And don't worry, we will help you remember. It's a promise." She started to run her fingers through my hair and we both sat it silence. Looking over the city and just enjoying the moment. Then Dinah came running out and jumped on the sofa.

"Dinah! Be careful! Spencer still has some healing to do!" Normani yelled at her. "Oh shit I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" I giggled.

"Dinah! Watch the language!" I laughed at Dinah and how much of a child she is. I like it.

"Right. Sorry Spence." I waved her off. I've definitely heard worse.

"Okay it's 2! You're all mine now!" Dinah scooped me up carefully and started walking back into the house. Maybe I don't want to remember what happened to me.

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