An Interesting Chat Part 4

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12th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Norleenah's POV...

"What do you mean, you're dead?" The man asked me with a curious look on his face.

"I meant just that. You climb through there and you die. There's no coming back once you squeeze through that opening. A few inches in and it's a sheer drop. I nearly found that out once I was halfway in and if I hadn't of clamped my feet to the sides just here, I would have dropped." I said as I leaned over and looked again into the little black hole as I remembered the time when I was about to explore it.

I shouldn't have leaned over like that. I could feel some of my flesh tearing a little taking my breath away with it.

So I slowly straightenened back up and waited for the man to start talking again.

Then he just turned the torch to look at where we were in the cave before urging me, or more like nudging me out of the cave again and going back to the entrance of this cave to leave and go back into the first one where the fire was.

"What did you mean that you can't see or smell the fire in the cave?" He asked me once we had squeezed through back iot the other cave.

"I meant it as I said it. For some reason, the smoke and smells from the fire get sucked back into the cave and I followed the smoke one day and it led to that cave with the drop. It didn't matter how big I made the fire, it all got sucked back into the back of the cave." I said to him as he helped me walk back out to the sleeping bag I had been laying on when I woke up.

Helping me to sit down, I watched as he moved across to the fire and put a few more sticks of wood onto it to keep it burning. Then I watched as he scraped up something that he had tossed into the fire before we made that loo visit.

Standing up from the fire, he walked over to me and sat down on the bag beside me and slowly opened the foilwrap in his fingertips to show that there was a couple of fish that he had caught and brought back to cook after gutting them.

"I hope you disposed of the guts without them being found by any of the dogs. They'll smell it a mile off." I said to him as I reached out and pinched a bit of the fish with my fingers and pushed it pass my lips into my mouth where I groaned in pleasure this time.

"Mmm. That's good. I might have some tinned food there, but fresh caught and cooked fish trumps tinned food any time." I said to him as I pinched another bit and shoved it into my mouth.

For the next few minutes, the man and I ate the fish until there was no more left except a skelton. That he wrapped up and tossed it into the fire where we watched the hot embers catch it and burn it to a crisp.

The next ten minutes were spent watching him grab my stash of provisions and froze momentarily when he came across a fairly decent sized first aid kit which he tossed to one side before packing everything again back into the packs I had them in. Plus he kept the loo paper aside as well.

He's not a stupid man. He knows how important loo paper is, especially for a woman.

Next thing I know, I watched as he stood up and came back towards me with the firstaid kit in his hands.

Oh damn, I was thinking. This is really going to hurt. Which it did. Like a bitch too I was thinking at one point when I had to bite a twig between my teeth as he stitched up a few of the bite wounds.

The one that hurt the most was the bite on the shoulder. But after he finished his stitching, he grabbed one of the slings I had in the kit and wrapped it around me, tying my arm in place so I couldn't move it.

I would have felt very embarrassed about it since I was topless at the time and he had to brush passed my breasts a few times. But to be honest, I didn't care.

It wasn't every day that I had a hot good looking man give me some personal attention like this.

"You do know that since you not only saw my breasts and felt them, you have to marry them. Nothing less than that will do." I said to him feeling really dopey by this stage after he must have done something to me.

"What did you do? I feel like I'm going to fall asleep any minute now." I asked him in a very drowsey voice.

"I gave you a shot, a sedative to knock you out for a bit so your wounds can knit together without you ripping them apart." He was saying to me as he leaned over me, tucking me back into the large sleeping bag that I didn't recognise.

"That's very nice of you. Still doesn't get you out of marrying me since you saw my girls and felt them up." I said to him as my head flopped onto the head rest and I closed my eyes, not caring about anything at the moment, even my boobs.


His POV...

Finding this kid has either been a stroke of luck or the worst thing that could have happened.

I had been sent in to scope out the Daily compound trying to find proof of the activities that Mallum and Josef Daily had been up to that had various people either turning up dead or didn't turn up at all after visiting their estate.

But being there in the tree looking down on the young woman, who wasn't much more than a girl stumble into that small clearing nearly surprised me that much I nearly fell out of the tree.

I had heard the dogs an hour earlier and knew they had been hunting, but I wasn't expecting their prey to be that young woman. Nor had I been expecting the young woman to be the Daily brothers sister.

The one that had been reported as being killed some time ago, lost in an accident that had killed a few others including the Daily childrens parents.

Yet here she was, Norleenah Daily, alive and well.. sort of.

I watched as she gave the two dogs that caught her a good fight, but she was tired from an obvious beating she had taken prior to her running.

But I was here looking for proof that there was something seriously wrong with this family and here she was falling in my lap so to speak. Now I just have to keep her alive long enough to get her back to the others who I lost contact with two days ago when we were separated.

I glanced down at her to see that she had fallen asleep thanks to the drug that I had given her. It's best that she doesn't feel what I'm about to do.

So going back to the packs that she had stashed and taking them right back into the other cave, I actually stashed them in the little hubby hole that led to your death should you choose to go in to it.

A jagged rock outcrop just inside helped to hold the bags and if anyone tried to get them, they will find themselves very surprised to fall down the hundreds of feet to their death.

I managed to get a rock along with the same arm I used to hook the bags up with and drop a rock carefully into the void I could see and counted the thousands. I got to five thousand when I heard the faint sound of the rock hitting the bottom.

For Five seconds of time, it would be an average of 345 to 400 foot of depth. The kid was right. You'll die if you fell over this lip.

Anyway, I managed to squeeze myself back out into the loo room and made my way back to the main cave as I brushed off the dirt from my clothes.

Then after putting the fire out, I rolled the kid up in the sleeping bag and after tying rope around it like a sling, I hoisted the kid up and onto my back, getting my own balance before tying the lighter pack to my front and then began the slow trek back to our base camp.

Hopefully the kid and her boobs will stay asleep the whole trip there.

I couldn't believe what she say after I wrapped her arm to her chest after I finished also stitiching her wounds.

Marry her? Yeah right. Not a chance in hell was that ever going to happen.

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