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It's the year 2013, June 21st, the first day of summer. Finals were done and over with, the heat of summer had reached it's peek and all were thrilled for the long awaited and well deserved three month's rest. At this time each year, many families of the Upper and Middle classes are invited from all over to an Annual Summer Masquerade Ball in Sicily, Italy at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo. Ladies in beautiful formal dresses with beautiful matching shoes, dazzling makeup done and matching masks; gentlemen in formal suits with their hair nicely groomed, polished shoes that shine along with their masks corresponding to their ladies . Of course, those who are invited and receive the invitation are signed officially by Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain with their official signature and official seal. Every summer, the Ball has always taken place in Sicily, Italy at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo. However, the only exception for anyone from the Lower class is if they are invited as a guest by anyone from the Upper or Middle class, or if the individual bares a special gift, talent, ability or a pure heart. If not by anyone from the Middle or Upper class, then a member of either class writes a written letter to the King and Queen informing of a request encouraging to invite that particular member from the Lower class.

The special guest who get invited directly by the King and Queen themselves, they're also invited to bring their family and friends along with them; air flights and hotels were well covered as far expenses of the stay and food goes. Along with other necessary providence. The guest from the Lower Class are also to stay as long as the Upper and Middle classes but must remain obedient and be well aware of the consequences who dare to leave the premises at night passed lights out. It's not just the usual punishment like scrubbing the floors of the hotel and washing dishes of the kitchens before turning in to their bedrooms, but at times during the festive summer celebration stay, there come rumors about minor but mysterious attacks are said to take place not far from the premises of the hotel. The kind of attacks that are not made by weapon, human, nor an ordinary animal, but attacks made by something non-human. Anyone who disobey the rules to wonder off and outside the premises at night either they receive first degree punishment or they remain indoors for however long until the King and Queen feel the individual has learned their lesson. Once their punishment has been lifted, the King and Queen will have at least one guard keep a close eye on the individual for at least 3 weeks. At the end of those 3 weeks, the individual can finally enjoy themselves peaceably with ease.

    At the end of summer festive celebration, depending on the series of events that have taken place during the summer stay, many will gather at the Sicilia Convention Bureau

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At the end of summer festive celebration, depending on the series of events that have taken place during the summer stay, many will gather at the Sicilia Convention Bureau. Fore the last day of the summer festive, is The Choosing Day. The Choosing Day is the last day of the stay at the summer premises when the King and Queen choose 4 girls and 3 boys to remain for if there comes a day comes when crisis should ever awaken from deep slumber, the 7 chosen ones are to step in and save the country; doing whatever it takes. Even if it means sacrificing themselves in the process to protect the King and Queen and their people. But what nobody knows, not even the King and Queen, except for the Elderly Counsel and all those who are associated with the Elderly Counsel know about the passed when the country was almost destroyed by chaos so many years ago and was saved by the same number of teenage heros. Now, with this next summer festive stay, the Elderly Counsel are now at an uneasy feeling that history may repeat itself once more after 13 years have come and passed. Those that were chosen by the King and Queen are to remain in Italy until the time has come and passed.

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