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You had told Dan that you were going to get your nails done at a salon and he decided that he was going to come along and get his done as well. 

"Dan hurry up!" You told Dan, he was still picking out which black he was going to get.

"But there's so many to choose from!" He said with about 5 different tones of black nail polish in his hands.

"Do you want me to choose for you?" You offered.

"No! It's my choice!" He said and turned away from you to shield his nail polish from your grasp.

"Well then hurry up!" You said.

"Alright fine, I'll go with the Sinfulshine Midnight, it reflects my soul." He smiled and walked up proudly to the front desk.

"Of course it does." You shook your head at his silliness.

"Oh is your boyfriend going to sit with you?" The small Asian woman said as she looked up to Dan who was about two feet taller than her.

"Oh no, I'm getting my nails done." Dan said proudly and slammed the small bottle of nail polish on the counter.

"Oh, of course, right this way." The woman said, she seemed a bit confused but tried to hide it.

"Okay you sit here and uh, you here." She pointed to two chairs, Dan looked quite excited.

"Alright." He said and sat down, you sat next to him. Of course Dan got the smallest woman they could find to do his nails. You ended up with the only man working there as you normally did.

"Uh, hello sir, so you want your fingernails done?" The small woman asked Dan, she seemed rather intimidated by him. 

"Fingers and Toes." He replied happily.

"Alright then." The woman said and sat down to start on Dan's toes. His foot was probably 3/4 the size of that poor woman's leg.

"You know I could have sworn that I've seen you somewhere." The man who was doing your nails said.

"Uh, you probably have, I'm a YouTuber." You told him, you loved your fans but when random people knew who you were always made you a bit uncomfortable.

"Oh that's where I've seen you! You're all over my instagram feed, you and a guy named Dan." the man replied but then looked over to Dan and turned slightly pink.

"That would be us." You blushed.

"Oh, sorry." The man said and quickly went back to doing your nails.

"Oh no it's fine, we have a lot of fans between us so it's not uncommon to run into someone who knows us." You said trying to make the man feel a bit better.

"Oh." Is all he said, there were a few moments of silence between you and the man but then he spoke up again.

"You know I think that Pj guy is a total dick." He said while not looking up at you.

"I agree." Dan piped in.

"Yeah." You blushed again. The rest of the trip to the salon was quite fun because you got along quite well with the nail artists and the woman even tried to do a little flower on Dan's thumbs but he drew the line at that. It made you all laugh. In the end Dan was very happy with his black nails and he kept rubbing them against each other because they were "so fucking smooth" Yeah, you were happy Dan was your boyfriend.

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