Dark Black Magic~ chapter 24 Aidan's return

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Stephanie Collins POV

I wrote a letter to my mom and Brad explaining everything. I left it placed on my pillow for them to find in the morning. I took off my shoes, my jeans and my hoodie and put on a thin cotton dress I wore to the beach last summer. Opening the window a cold rush of air blasted against my body penetrating through the cotton. The freezing bite reminded me that I could still feel in the most basic sense. Climbing carefully out of my window I descended down the trellis into my back garden. Running bare foot across the lawn I passed through the back gate into the forest and I ran. Pebbles and stones cut into the soles of my foot, brambles scraped against my bare skin and tore the hem of my dress. Shivering I ran through the cold November night until I was too frozen to move. I slumped against a tree

Every waking moment feels like a small part of existence that should have been used by someone else. As time progresses I see how I do not fit into this world and how I can never be truly apart of it. I am useless at everything. The harder I try the more I fail and no one notices except me. This doom that started within me like a seed has grown thick roots and sprang up like a mighty oak consuming whatever humanity I had left. Do you know what it is like to feel the blackness and sadness? I can't remember my life without it. This cold that cuts me to the bone reminds me that I once was alive and hopefully after tonight I will live again and leave all this sadness and dark alone. This is a world I am not compatible with.

Skyler POV

Two o'clock in the morning I'm listening to the steady rhythm of Rayne's heart trying drown out the howling of the wind outside. A winter storm is blowing over from the west. Wriggling deeper into the duvet, Rayne heaves a sigh, "Can't sleep?"

I freeze looking up at him, "Sorry, the wind is noisy."

"You use to live up a mountain side."

"The sound of the wind use to bother me back then."

Rayne pulled the sheets around us and muttered, "I had a dream about that stupid troll."

"Greg's not stupid."

"He had kidnapped you and I followed him into his lair. You were tied up and when I went to free you, you turned into Piggy. Then the dream turned into a nightmare." Rayne shivered.

I burst out laughing.

"I can't believe a mean old demon would be frightened off by Miss. Piggy."

"That woman scares me Skyler. She wants to eat me."

"She wants to cuddle you and toss you about like a sack of potatoes."

"Did you see her servant? Francois? Poor wretch."

"That could be you, Rayne, if you play your cards right."

"I sooner go back to hell."

The room fell silent, but it wasn't that weird sort of awkard silence when no one knows what to say. Rayne and I were happy. After a few moments Rayne asked seriously.

"Do you know anything about your mother or father?"

I didn't answer immediately. The question threw me a little. I rarely thought about my parents. I knew nothing about my father, apparently my mother didn't even know who he was. Grandma thought he might an old boss of my mother's. I didn't really talk about them because there was nothing much to say.

"Not much. My mother was this wild child and Grandma thinks that my father was one of her ex-employers. It's hard to tell which one, Mom drifted." I said.

"When was the last time you saw her."

"Probably when she left me with Grandma- I was a few days old."

"That's harsh."

"She's never been in my life so there isn't much to miss. What about you? Do you have parents?"

"My family is complicated."

"I'll try my best to understand."

"The realms of the otherworld are home to many different species. My mother was a mixture of many species, angel, incubi, siren, to name a few. My father was something else, much older. I inherited my power from him and thus why I was made a prince of Hell because of him."

"Was your father the devil?"

"God, no. I think my father's even older than him."

"Do you ever see your parents?"

"Sometimes. Although family life is different down there. We don't do holidays or family reunions."

"Did you have a home in Hell?"

"I had a palace but I wouldn't call it a home."

"Do you miss Hell?"

"My home is here with you." Rayne said gently kissing the top of my head. I smiled and snuggled against his chest.

"Who will replace you in Hell?"

"I don't know and I don't care. Hell is not my concern anymore."

"Do you think the devil will be mad?"

"No. He's always coveted the human ability to love. He wouldn't be mad. He would probably be jealous. Demons rarely find a soul mate."

"Am I your soul mate?"

"Obviously you are Skyler. I wouldn't be here otherwise."

"I love you. Forever." I said sleepily.

"I know. Now sleep." He replied.

I fell asleep to the sound of his heart thudding in his chest. I was so happy.

The next week flew by. Work was interesting and Greg, Bea and Kai all started to warm up to Rayne, although Greg really only tolerated Rayne. They came over the flat a couple more times to eat popcorn and watch b-rated horror movies. Bea had a weird fetish for blood and gore. Greg and Rayne were cordial to each other and would sit through the film occasionally giving each other dirty looks. I found out that Kai was in a local rock band and played at the bar on a Friday night. He invited Rayne and I to a gig next week. Rayne wasn't too happy but I was really excited. Life was going great, until the Monday morning.

The room went deathly quiet. The store door had clanged open and Aidan had walked in. Bea grabbed my hand and shoved me into Kai's back room.

"I want to talk to her." Aidan snapped loudly. Greg positioned himself in between Aidan and me. Smiling like Greg always did, he politely said, "Skyler's on break. I can help you out with whatever stuff you need."

Aidan snorted and pulled himself up onto the crystal counter, "I want her. I will wait for her."

Greg smile faded. "I'm sorry Skyler is going to be a while."

Aidan shrugged.

Awkwardly I stood watching Greg and Aidan having a stare-off competition. Aidan had made it clear he would not go until he had spoken to me. Giving up I finally said, "What can I do fro you Aidan."

Aidan smirked triumphantly pulling out a wad of cash from his jacket pocket and handing it to Greg.

"I'm hiring you for the day."

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