you: where did you wanna meet??

him: Meet me over at the beach where our first date took place

you: oka ^.^

him: I love you Mona lisa

you: aww i love you too Raphie bear

Once you arrived at the beach where the last bit of sun left a gold paint splatter in the sky; you paid the Cab driver $80 and he drove off. you looked at the sky with his golden brassiness. You basked in its beauty. you then felt hands on both your shoulders. You looked down at your right shoulder then turned around to see him. Raphael. "You look beautiful y/n." "daww stap it youu.." you did the Meme thing. He smiled as then put his thumb under your chin and kissed your cherry n' cinnamon flavored lips. He licked his lips as he lifted his head back up. "tastes good" "heh i guess so if you like toothpaste XD" He smiled as he then picked you up bridal style off the warm sands. Sand flew up in the air from your feet being swept up by you loving boyfriend. You put your head on his chest as your arm was softly around his neck. He sat you down on a blanket. A legit blanket. He placed you down on it as he then sat down next to you. You could see stars were already forming in the sun and moonlit sky. It was like the sun was kissing the moon goodbye as stars were taking its place. Like a fantasy painting. He looked at you starring off at the ocean as he took the velvet box out of his pocket and looked at the ring as he cracked it open with his finger. "hey raph." he quickly put it away in his black shorts pocket, as he looked at you. "hey y/n." you laughed "have you ever made anything creative before? Like a painting or a drawing?" "yea i've drawn, cant say i'm too good though." "I haven't seen any drawings you've ever drawn." "heh well..I uh um i kinda drew you..when you weren't looking before we were dating. I know i know its creepy." he made his voice sound more stupider as he got to the I know i know its creepy. "oh my did?" you asked flattered. "ayyee dont you get all mushy on me. There's plenty of time for that later." he told you. you smiled really wide as you then leaned over and kissed him. As you and him ate foods he brought along. a question popped in your mind. "hey i was wondering, what is it- i mean i'm not complaining this is very nice and all but what made you wanna go on a date?" "Um see i've been wanting to ask you this for awhile. Longer than when i actually got it. (you rose a brow but quickly relaxed it) but I-" as he reached for his pocket his phone was ringing. "uughhh..." he swiped his phone to answer it. "sup leooo." Raph got up from the blanket and walked away. "Hey listen theres something wrong going on and i need your help." "Leo listen i'm having a moment; this isnt a good time." "but raph i-" he was cut off by raph. "Leo not now, i'll be home within a few hours. Your just going to have to wait." he touched the screen of his phone to hang up and turned around. He smiled without his teeth showing as he walked back over to you; as you were sitting like a mermaid kinda position. He then sat down with his one leg on the ground as his other knee was bent up with his arm relaxing on it and his left arm was supporting his weight. "You were saying?" you asked trying to continue the conversation. "yea (He rearranged himself into Pretzel sitting position) I wanted to ask you something." "okie." he was starting to get nervous. as he reached for his pocket his phone only rang again. "ugh the fuck." he ignore the call as he sighed. "this is't going as planned and im sorry y/n." you put your hand on his shoulder as the cold waves softly crashed into the sand 6 feet away from the both of you under the darkened sky filled with stars and a bright moon. "hey its alright. just continue."

at the turtles home~~

Mikey was eating cereal with Rosie. Then she asked him a question that made him speechless. "Where do babies come from?" He choked on his cereal as he pounded his chest with a fist. "uncle mikey?" "sorry -cough- i just -cough cough-" Leo stomped into the room with a scowl look on his face. "whats wrong Leo?" Rosie asked. he looked at her with an angry look "Everything is wrong! I don't understand why I can't be happy for once in my life! Its always getting ruined! And because of you, I'll never have a chance with y/n!!" he screamed at her as his eyes were getting a bit red. He then left the area as he slammed the fridge door with all his might making the door fall off letting all the cold air out. She started stuttering, then tearing up, then crying and sobbing. Mikey got up as he finally stopped coughing. He hugged her as she stood up with him as her shoulders moved up and down, her heart racing, her eyes soaked in salty water. He petted her hair as she hugged his neck. He in a way felt like a father. It was a nice change. He at the moment as he was hugging Rosemary, he really wanted someone in his life to love him for who he was. That was a mission all on its own. He breathed out as he hugged the crying girl. He then got all protective of Rose. He picked her up and placed her on the new cushioned couch they just found at the dump. Practically new accept a few old spots. It was a dark brown with two cup holders. He wrapped her up in a soft old Bambii blanket. he then petted her head as he then left for Leo's room. Donnie walked into the kitchen to see the door off the hinges. "aw not again. RAPH! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE YOUR ANGER OUT ON OBJECTS!" "RAPH DIDN'T DO THAT!" mikey yelled. Don turned back around to look at the stainless steal door on the floor. "then..who did?" he asked himself. Mikey pounded on leo's door with a fist. Leo opened the door "what." "Don't you what me! You made rosemary cry. SHe didn't do anything wrong! All she was doing was eat cereal and breathing! YOU APOLOGIZE!" mikey was taking over Leo's place of being the mature one as Leo was acting like Raphael.

At the beach~~

As raphael had lit a fire pit in front of you two with a pack of matches he had in his pocket. "okay y/n. I love you so very much. And i don't wanna wait any longer." "okay.." you answered concerned. He pulled out a box from his pocket as he then opened it in front of you as he stood taking your hand as he helped you up. Then he kneeled down in front of you "y/n, you've made a man out of me i didn't think was possible. And i wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" He asked you as his eyes were glowing with anxiousness. You put your hands over your mouth "oh my..god.." he looked at you with all his concentration waiting for an answer. "Yes! of course! Oh my gersh!" he took your hand and slipped the ring on your finger.

He stood up and you immediately hugged him making his body go back one foot

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He stood up and you immediately hugged him making his body go back one foot. "Ooh i'm so happy raphael." you could hear a smirk, "not as happy as i'm going to make you tonight." he said he kissed your lips. you smiled with a laugh. "i love you boo." "well i love you too boobie lady." you busted out laughing "really? was that really necessary?" "Yes..yes it was." you smiled as you leaned in to kiss him again.

at the turtles home~~

He entered through the turtles manhole door thing as he swung it open. Then as you were dangling your legs down he picked up by your waist then twisted you up into his arms so he was carrying you bridal style. He started kissing your neck then at your jaw. You giggled as he continued kissing you. Then the ruckus you two heard continued in the home. Leo was yelling at Mikey to not tell him what to do as Donnie was using power tools to fix the fridge as Rose was crying. "rose." you said as raph put you down. you ran over to her in your red bowed velvet flats. She saw you as she got up with the blanket and ran over to you crying. "whats wrong baby?" you asked as you held your daughter in your arms. "U-uncle leo Y-yelled-d at meeee and I don-don't know whyyyyy." she sobbed. Raphael walked up to this older brother "what happened!" "Oh look raph's here to make it all better. arne't cha' " Leo acting sarcastically. "what the hell is your problem! I come home to find my daughter crying because of you! Explain!" Raph gesturing his hands all over the place as his temper grew with his brother. "I needed your help! Where were you!!" leo yelled back. "I was proposing to my girlfriend! Whats it to you!" Raph asked. leo's heart skipped a beat as his face and temper relaxed. "what..." "yea! so you wanna explain why it is that my daughter is crying!?" he put his hand on his head as he the rubbed it "i'm..sorry. i'm not sure what came over me. I-I don't know." Leo walked passed raph and over to you and Rose. "Rose." you stopped hugging her letting leo get a chance of apologizing. "Rosie (he bent down) i am so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I feel horrible about how i treated you. you don't deserve that." She cried at his apology as she then hugged him. "its okay leo." she smiled with tears as she didn't smile and hugged her. the lizard woman was up above them sitting on a beam as her tail waved side to side. Her eyes narrowed as she failed her mission. For the red masked one was raphael not the blue masked one. she growled in her throat worried how sack's was gonna take this. Cause she already knew she was pregnant.

she watched as Raphael took rosie and y/n into his room for the night. 'Looks like no sex tonight.' raph pouted in his head. Raph exhaled as he opened his door.

to be continued..

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