part 68 🌊

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As the lizard woman Still disguised as you walked through the sewers with Leo he stopped for a moment to fix his shoe. There was something in it, like a rock or something. She put her hand on his shoulder; he looked up from the shoe being handled in his hand with his bare foot hanging out he looked at her. Her lips touched his; kissing him by surprise. A neuro toxin was released from her lips into his mouth. His pupils dilated smaller as his hands grew sweaty. As he put his shoe back on he then looked back at her with this feeling. It was a growing, intense feeling. A longing feeling. *Neuro toxins work different for everyone, can even change personality but this time, He was re-falling in love with "you"** He walked up to her, pushing her against the wall as his lips harshly smashed in hers. His longing was becoming dangerous and very very wanty. He put his hands on each of her upper arms. He squeezed them not to hard though. His animalistic side was showing as he felt the need to mate with 'you'. She slipped off the Illusion but also Physical panties on her from under her grey skirt and flopped out his dick from his zipper. he shoved it in her without any other thoughts. He started to feel aggressive and agitated. He picked her up by her waist and started slamming her body onto his as he could feel her juices flow. (seriously idk how lizards work; anyways) He looked down at her breasts bouncing as he then put her back on the sewer cement by a flowing river of trash. he ripped off her shirt and bra as he then bent down to suck harshly and violently on her nipples. He was growing more impatient as his thrusts grew harder and harder. He then started bitting them as his blue eyes traveled up to her neck. He put his hand on the back of her neck tightly like he wanted to choke her then Bit her. She screamed as it echoed down through the tunnel. He licked his lips as he then licked her jaw up to her lips and started kissing her again. As this woman was being penetrated by leo's over sized dick she moaned and made girly schreaks of pain and pleasure as for someone that was created by the genes of an already living embodiment, she at this very moment was losing her virginity to him. As this was her job to be impregnated by Raphael the strongest, the more soldier like, the one with most testosterone, She was mating with the wrong brother and doesn't even know it as she assumed this was Raphael; for she has never seen anyone show compassion or love; she though the hug you gave leo was enough for her hypotheses.

You were in april's apartment. You softly applied a pearl blue eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes that had a bit of a glimmer in it. You then applied black mascara and cherry chap stick. You put on a red dress with tan-like lace. (sry the image is so big :P )

You slipped on a pair of velvet red flats with a sweet velvet bow on the top of the shoes

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You slipped on a pair of velvet red flats with a sweet velvet bow on the top of the shoes. You put your hair in (curls that gave your body volume as you brushed them, You straighten your naturally curly hair, You put a red headband in your pixie cut hair, Or you just french braided your hair). The last touch was two spritz of 'coconut coloda' from Bath and Body works. You smiled to only realize, you forgot the brush you teeth. You walked into april's apartment and took out your carry along toothbrush, used some of her Cinnamon Crest toothpast and brushed away. Once you swished water in your mouth, you spat it out into the sink. You texted raph as you went tinkle before you left aprils.

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