Chapter 2

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Something was different about today.

I wasn't sure what but there was something different none the less.

A week had passed since the debt on the store had been paid off and everything was running rather well. Daniel had even started working with us though it was only to make up for the things he broke in the store.

I was leaning over the counter, looking at all the passing faces. As strange as it was, I couldn't help thinking that there was something more I should have been doing.




"Oh Tori, I didn't hear you come in."

She blinked back at me surprised before she sighed and gave me a nod.

"I guess you were busy working..." Her voice trailed off in disappointment as she looked over my shoulder at the stacked shelves. "I guess you're always busy."

"Don't say it like that." I said, my voice sounding like a plea. "It's not that I don't have a choice. It's just that-"

"Delancy, we were supposed to go out today. You, Sam and I. Don't you remember?"

"I do, but I can't go today. I'm busy." I admitted.

"Delancy, is this what you want?"

I crinkled my forehead at her question, my mind wondering away at her words.

Is this what you want?

"Why do you ask that?" I said brushing down my apron, a tendril of dark hair slipping over my shoulder and resting against my sleeve.

"Delancy, haven't you worked here all your life? Haven't you done everything in your power to help your father? Haven't you sacrificed everything? You say that you can't leave this store because you want to help your father but seeing you now I realize that you weren't busy with your work but bound to it."


"I don't think-"

"Delancy, you've been working here with your father in this store for all these years, don't you want to go out now and get a little freedom? Don't you want to see anything new? Or go anywhere new?"

I opened my mouth to say something, but paused when I saw Sam entering the store. I brushed away the conversation I was having with Victoria and turned to Samantha instead.

"Sam," I said offering her a smile.

She tilted her head at me and smiled slyly before swinging her hand on her hip.

"Delancy," she said plopping down her hand bag on the counter. "Just the same as always." She sighed before openly yawning and stretching, causing the bangles on her arm to rub together.

I sighed and tucked back the tendril of hair that had slipped out behind my ear.

"I can't go today." I said in a simple voice that held no trace of regret.

"Why are you always so busy? You're so boring!"


I turned my head to them in confusion, was helping my father boring? Or was it just me.

"Daniel is also working," I said looking over at him as he dusted a shelf, a jar accidentally falling from him to the ground and breaking. "He's not the best but he helps us."

"That's because your father is making him work here."

"Sam, I'll go with you some other time."

"Okay, but I hope that when that time comes you won't be stuck in work."

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