Chapter 16.5. Edited.

''Paisley!'', I said excited.

''Who'd you think it was, ''The Bogyman'', She said joking.

''What are you doing here?'', I asked confused.

''Johnny is my brother and I am very pregnant'', She said laughing.

She looked so much older than the last time I seen her, she pushing 17 now.

''So 4 months left'', I said joking.

''Um no 2 months'', She said confused. ''I lied'', She said biting her lip.

''Paisley'', I scolded her. ''Also what are you doing driving?'', I said sternly and Pasiley just laughed.

''So where the daddy'', I said jokingly.

''Oh he's at your house'', She said serious.

''You guys are still together'', I said shocked.

''Don't be so shocked I told you we would last'', She said winking at me.

''How's Cameron?'', She said in a sexy voice.

This turned my stomach. ''Oh we are just over'', I said numb.

''Sorry'', She said going quite.

''Its OK, we are better off friends. It is a long story'', I said leaving it at that.

''So'', She began. 'What am I supposed to drink at this party'', She asked.

''Water'', I said laughing.

She gave me the puppy dog eyes ''I hate being pregnant'', She said.

''You'll be over it soon'', I said laughing.

''How's Johnny?'', She asked eyeing my suspiciously.

''Good'', I said not elaborating on how great he was.

''Hmmm'', She said turning her full attention to the road. ''You were running for a while, you didn't even see us stopped outside your house'', She said still staring at the road.

''Oh really, I didn't realize'', I said.

''Running from anything in particular'', She asked having a quick glance at me.

''Nope'', I said popping the p.

''You know Kira I'm pregnant but I'm not dumb'', She said serious.

''I know'', I said looking out my window.

''Sooo'', She said.

''Look now is not the time Paisley. We will talk about it all tomorrow'', I promised.

''OK'', She said as my house came into view.

I could hear the music from here, there were people all over the garden, the house was lit up inside,  they had started without us ''Guess they stared without us'', I said laughing.

''Really, you think so'', Paisley said sarcastic pulling up outside my packed house.

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