3 Years later

Evelyn: *helping Jade put her things in the car*

Jade: this is the last thing *throws bag in car*

Evelyn: make sure your not sneaking boys inside your room after curfew.

Jade: *rolls eyes* mom, how many times are you gonna mention that? plus the only boy thats gonna be inside my room is Ray

Evelyn: just make sure that your not bringing back an extra souveneir in December *rubs her stomach*

Jade: *rolls eyes/ pulls away* can we get to the airport, i dont wanna miss my flight

Evelyn: did you call Andi?

Jade: yeah, she said she'll meet me at the airport, when i land in New York and than she'll take us to the place were gonna be staying

Evelyn: did you tell her i was sorry

Jade: yup

Evelyn: what she say?

Jade: *sighs/looks down* do you really wanna know?

Evelyn: that bad huh?

Jade: yup

Evelyn: we should get going then


Prince: *packing up the car* so were driving? all the way to New York?

Roc: yeah, Aunt Faith said it'll build our bonding relationship or some crap like that

Prod: were gonna be at college together the whole time isnt that enough bonding?

Ray: come on guys, it cant be that bad, plus i got a game we can play call States in 6 minutes.

Roc: Ray's right this whole road trip thing cant be that bad

Prince: i'm just saying it would have been easier and faster to be on an airplane

Ray: its not gonna take that long we should get there no later then 10 at night, you know when the freaks come out.

Roc/Prod: Jade*coughs* Jade *coughs*

Prince: *laughs*

Ray: shut the fhuck up(!) *punches them*

Bianca: *comes running up* Prod(!) Prod(!)

Prince/Roc: *mumbles* i thought her ass was going back to Kentucky or some shxt?

Prod: aye be nice *runs over hugs/kisses her*

Bianca: *kisses him* Hey boys

Prince/Roc/Ray: *fake smile* heeyy

Bianca: i hope you guys have so much fun in college(!) Prod, you better call every minute of the day *kisses him*

Boys: *gets inside car*

Roc: i still cant believe you stole Prince's girl Prod.

Prod: its not called stealing if she allows me to slide right in

Prince/Roc: *disgusted* ew?!

Ray: *laughs/begins to drive*


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