4 - Caden

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[Make sure you bring a mate, or else.] My father links me and I grip the stearing wheel tighter as I leave the safety of my pack, the open road of neutral territory rulled by the Alpha King of the Canadian packs welcoming me.

Just another two hours on this road and I would reach the destination where The Run would take place.

Each country had a different way to create mates. China and India held an auction where females were treated like property, sold to the highest bidder but once you won a female you were not allowed to bid for another. Japan use karaoke, harmonizing voices to make the perfect match. Germany paired the weakest wolf with the strongest, America had a camp where wolves stayed in wolf form so rhey could connect woth their future mate on an animal level with pure loyalty and Canada had The Run.

The Run has been around since the original aboriginal packs, the Alpha King a descendent of the original pack, and the tradition carried down. Something about taking a female by force seemed like the ultimate manly thing to do, but I thought it was cowardice.

I wish I didn't have to go but if I didnt find a mate this week then I would be forced to step down as the heir to my pack and let Felix take it.

My grip on the wheel tightens as I clench my jaw. I wouldnt let him steal my birthright, I would do everything to keep his power hungry hands away from my pack and away from the pack bank account. I knew Felix would ruin Wœlf Haven and my pack would crumble.

With a frustrated growl I pull to the curb and get out, kicking a nearby tree as I let out my pent up anger. I hated this. I want love not a bitch* who would do what I say because I forced myself on her. I want something that would last forever.

After a few minutes of angrily attacking the sturdy tree I stop, clenching and unclenching my fists until my breathing evens and I crack my neck, stretching slightly as I walk back to my hummer and drive away. I might as well get this done and over with and get back to my pack with my mate in tow.

(A/n so when I used *bitch* I meant it as the term for female dog, not as an insult.)

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