"Stupid hag," she mumbled, "you knew about this, didn't you? That's why you gave me more Changeling potions. To hell with you for not warning me."

When she freed herself of the huddled masses of the residents of Firnlan, she glanced back. The man had stopped shouting and was no longer standing on his stool. In fact, Siobhan couldn't see him at all. She turned away, lowering her head as if protecting it from the cold, and trudged through the remaining snow back to Rosie's.

Few patrons graced Rosie's establishment at that time in the day. Those who were there, were the true dregs of society. The ones who couldn't be bothered with work, yet still managed enough money to pay for the sexual favors of Rosie's entertainers. Siobhan scanned the sparse crowd before the door fully closed behind her. When she didn't see Wren at any of the tables, she ran up to the room.


The room was empty. Someone had gathered their bags from the horses and they now sat untouched on the beds, but there was no sign of the moron anywhere. She hurried back downstairs and found Rosie sitting at a table with Naylin and several other off limits girls. Siobhan leaned against Rosie, pretending to give her a hug.

"Please tell me Wren is here somewhere," she whispered.

"Never fear, dawlin. Me love is in the basement with Elias." Rosie pat Siobhan's hand. "Care for a drink? I'm talking to the girls about their jobs now that the men aren't allowed to purchase their favors."

"Nay. I need to see Wren. Come with me to the basement. Hurry and be discreet."

Siobhan spun away from the table, ignoring the gasps from the girls with Rosie. She suspected none of them had ever seen Rosie get ordered around before, but she didn't have time to care. Not that she would've even if she did.

Both hands dragged against the cold stone walls of the narrow stairway leading to the basement. Voices carried from the room below, she knew it was Elias and Wren. Wren was laughing, excited about something. His voice was the loudest and matched that of a child given free reign at a candy seller. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and peered around the edge.

As suspected, the basement was empty of anyone but Wren and Elias. Wren dragged a hand against the back fin of Elias, a smile wide on his face. Elias, the patient soul that he was, sat on the edge of the stone ring feeding into the waterway. Water splashed against the side as he kicked his legs around, keeping himself wet. Two more fins protruded from both elbows. His gray scales were prominent along his back and the rest of his body that Siobhan could see.

She closed her eyes and released a breath, removing her dagger from her belt. Her fingers clenched the worn faux-leather hilt. There was a nick in the hilt, right above the blade, from when she was learning how to use it. It was her first, her favorite. At regular intervals she ground a stone against the blade, keeping it sharp and ready.

"He has fins, Siobhan! Elias has fins," Wren exclaimed when Siobhan stepped out of the stairwell.

She didn't appreciate his glee. If he didn't meet her needs, she might never appreciate his glee again. Elias didn't move when Siobhan ignored him and grabbed Wren by his collar, yanking him away from the waterway.

"Siobhan, what the—"

She slammed Wren against the wall, cutting him off. Her dagger was to his throat before he could release a shocked breath. His eyes widened as she leaned close enough their noses nearly touched. Breath brushed against her lips as he gasped. Her hand tightened on his shirt, coiling it inside her fist.

"Tell me your name," she snapped.

"What? You know my name."

"Look me in the eyes and tell me your damn name." Then she thought, Please.

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